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Mugabe troubled by monster he created

Finally Zanu PF is now washing its dirty linen in the public which has given the public a window of opportunity to see behind closet.

President Robert Mugabe has now come face to face with the reality and conceded there were political machinations brewing in the ruling party ahead of its December congress.


The bubble that had been suppressed for so long seems to be bursting. President Mugabe had no kind words last week for those who were allegedly orchestrating the manoeuvres by openly blasting their involvement in vote-buying that marred Zanu PF Youth Conference that ended on Sunday.

Furious Mugabe said, “To me you don’t deserve to be a youth leader at all … You are just rubbish, dirty rubbish as the person who has given you money both of you …”

In his speech at Youth Conference, Mugabe also said some top officials were pretending to be united while they were busy organising clandestine meetings to win votes as the succession race hots up. At least Mugabe now admits his party is full of “dirty rubbish”, as he put it.


Mugabe must realise the problem lies not in ambitious politicians eyeing his throne — it is his unwillingness to pave way for others that has led to the rot in Zanu PF.

Because most of the stalwarts in the party lack the courage and charisma to urge him to step down, they resort to unorthodox means to challenge his grip on power.

As Colin Powell said: The day your followers stop bringing you into their permutations the day you have stopped leading them. “They have either lost confidence that you can help them or concluded that you don’t care. Either case is failure of leadership.”

At 90 and being Africa’s oldest ruler, Mugabe seriously needs conscience to inform him to let a successor take over and re-energise the party and government that has been in power since Independence.

As it stands, factionalism will continue to tear apart his party and Mugabe risks becoming a lame duck even if he remains leader.

Mugabe must take heed from Zanu PF deputy Youth League secretary Edson Chakanyuka who said his colleagues in Zanu PF had already abandoned the boat.

Those public spats among Zanu PF leaders point to deepening divisions and power struggles simmering within the ruling party as well as deception by his fellow comrades who are fooling the President to think he still commands awesome authority.

The inability by Zanu PF leaders to tell Mugabe the truth leaves Zimbabwe facing a further downward spiral. The ship is sinking while the captain is blowing the trumpet. Mugabe must realise he is surrounded by non-believers pretending to be die-hards — all motivated by self-interest and greed.

Boiling pot

Zanu PF Women’s League boss Oppah Muchinguri, who happens to be on the offensive these days claimed in the media this week that some members of the party’s wing were being coerced to support candidates they don’t really want.

She warned that more kidnappings were looming as the battle for posts control on. The Herald on Tuesday quoted Muchinguri as having said: “The League wants to make it very clear and put it on record that any of its members who are kidnapped … ahead of the conference will be deregistered and will thus not be allowed to participate in the conference without fear or favour to enforce discipline as well as to protect and ensure the integrity of the conference …”

Muckraker wonders whether Muchinguri was misquoted. Should the victims of kidnapping be punished for falling prey to the predatory instincts o of power-hungry political wolves? What’s the logic?

However, the value-laden call points to an intriguing political plot that may affect Zanu PF even in the aftermath of the congress.

There appears to be no more trust among the so-called comrades in the party and the current infighting spells the rot at the party’s head, which has eventually lost control of its tail. Anyway, its interesting to realise that Zanu PF thinks kidnappings and vote-buying are dirty. Since when? Is it because they are now affecting Zanu PF?

Zanu PF is being consumed by a monster it created — Frankeinstein’s monster. Members in the party are unlikely to be fazed by Muchinguri’s warnings for they know these are the same tricks that have kept the party in power. Some are obviously silent but opposed to Grace’s boisterous entry into politics, and as a result she must surely brace for harsh winter nights.


Sadly Mugabe still basks in the glory that Zimbabwe has for the third consecutive time, been ranked as having the highest literacy rate in Africa, which stands at 90,7%.

In his Heroes’ Day speech, he was pleased the country had managed to establish several State Universities across the country.

It’s shocking that a country finds pride in churning out degreed graduates who in turn spend their lifetime selling sweets and bananas in the streets.

The mushrooming of universities should be equally matched by government’s ability to create jobs. Of what use does it serve to the economy to have graduates employed as touts and rank marshals? It’s a pity Zimbabweans are now being seen all over as educated fools.

Hurungwe West MP Temba Mliswa got the limelight in the media for telling Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa that government must cut its expenditure on top-of–the-range vehicles and fund the bleeding economy.

Under the headline Mliswa Takes a Dig at Chinamasa, the Herald quotes Mliswa who was speaking at Chinhoyi Press Club last week as saying, “Before the Finance Minister looks for money, he must cut down on government expenditure because there is a lot of money that can come from there … All the Mercedes Benz and Range Rovers around, why can’t Government get a dealership? …”

That’s a brilliant advice to Chinamsa coming from a fellow party official who however cannot be spared as he equally enjoys the gravy train.

Mliswa was implicated early this year in a massive US$165 million deal involving local business tycoon Billy Rautenbach, who accused the MP of demanding the money as consultation fees to link him to top politicians.

This leaves Muckraker with questions as to how Mliswa could have felt his heart bleeding after seeing Zanu PF officials driving in luxury cars when he is enjoying the gravy train ride. Isn’t it just playing to the gallery — pretending to be concerned in public while doing the same off stage? Politics in Zimbabwe has been like that, and Mliswa is likely to be no exception.


The Zanu PF Youth League wants the return of national youth service programme which government — led by former Gender and Youth Employment minister Border Gezi — introduced in 2001.

The Daily News on Monday reported that the proposal is part of a raft of resolutions made at the 6th Zanu PF Youth League Conference: “To recommend that government reintroduce the national youth service programme … which must be compulsory and designed to … inculcate the right ideological values, instill discipline …,” reads the resolution. This definitely sends shivers among peace-loving Zimbabweans. Maybe someone has been tasked to wreak havoc ahead of the next general elections!

Mugabe allegedly donates 1 000 tonnes of maize (2 million kgs)

The “revolutionary” party despite being manned by learned man and women, most of whom have held senior government positions, can still not organise a piss-up in a pub. Press reports said preparations for the Youth conference where shambolic and there was no food for thousands of youth in attendance.

President Mugabe came to the rescue with huge donation of meat, milk and maize (1000 tonnes), equivalent to two million kgs of mealie meal, to feed the hungry youth.

But how can 3 000 people consume such an amount in two days even if they are rapacious gluttons? Mugabe bragged about his generosity while chiding his senior colleague for neglecting the youths.

The women’s League meeting which started this week was also plagued with the same problem.
No food.
The organisers had to approach Patrick Zhuwao, Jonathan Moyo, Philip Chiyangwa and Saviour Kasukuwere for donations. They obliged with 20 beasts.

This generous lot will be the flavour of the month at the meeting.

They helped replenish the feeding trough.

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