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Pathetic tools backing political ambition

A Daily News heading on Monday read “Grace Mugabe: Mutasa speaks.”
Actually it was more like Mutasa Squeaks.

The MuckRaker

“If the women have nominated Amai (First Lady), this means it is what they want,” he concluded.

Is it? Or are they all worms and weevils who do what they are told?

Come on Didymus, show us some backbone. All you jongwes are pathetic instruments of somebody else’s ambitions. And contrary to your claims, this is factionalism writ large.

Mutasa wants to know what factionalism has to do with it. Well, how about the way you all fell over each other to demonstrate your loyalty to the Gushungo throne, a partisan loyalty with no depth.

Mutasa trotted out the old mantra: “In any case there is no vacancy in the office of the president. It is occupied by Cde Mugabe.”

Then we had Transport minister Obert Mpofu boasting of his self-made millions. Is it sensible to advertisement this way?
But it was good to see parliament gearing up to deal with Mpofu’s creature, Godwills Masimirembwa.

Mpofu looked genuinely shocked when MPs made clear they didn’t share his confidence in the aspiring Mabvuku MP.
James Maridadi led the charge and in so-doing provided a great advertisement for live TV.

This is a reform that we can all endorse.

We wouldn’t however support the deputy speaker. She intervened too often and unecessarily. A Commonwealth journey to Australia and Westminster would show us how it’s done: Robust but even-handed. Actually the Australians in their House in Canberra are much ruder than anybody else.

Feeling the heat
South Africa is experiencing the consequences of the deranged Julius Malema in their Gauteng assembly. He has been booted out of the chamber for wearing — along with his followers — bright red overalls.

He has not done justice to the chance he had at the opening session of the new Gauteng legislature to explain his party’s policies.

His critics say it would have been better to ignore him than let him become a martyr to his boiler-suit cause!

His followers have also been involved in riotous demonstrations. They broke into the chamber and ate the food supplied for MPs of all parties, not just Malema’s gang.

Sunday Times columnist Sthembiso Msomi says the EFF’s gains in support over the past year could be squandered if it continues the indefensible tactics it used to protest against the dress code.

There are two other things that need our attention this week. It is a sign of a fawning society without intelligent direction that leads MPs and others to compare Grace Mugabe with Mother Theresa.
We really don’t need their praise-singing. There is enough of that already.

Mother Theresa in India was widely respected and liked. As a result she was listened to by ordinary Indians. Can the same be said of Zimbabwe’s politicians?

Keep off
One of those, Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti thinks there should be improvements along the Masvingo road.

He has called on government to construct a bigger hospital near the Masvingo highway so that accident victims can quickly access medical attention.

Has it not occurred to him to campaign for better driving instead of bigger hospitals? Most of Zimbabwe’s accidents take place at night and involve poor driving skills. Many are head on.

The Zimbabwe Independent has called on the public not to drive at night. It is a suicide note to family and friends. Drivers are often competing with livestock for road space.

Keep off the road at night. That is our message.

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