Concerns mount over Mugabe’s ill-health


FOLLOWING his address at the National Sports Stadium on Independence Day last Friday, President Robert Mugabe once again finds himself the subject of much domestic and international speculation not necessarily concerning his rambling and incoherent speech, but his health.

Candid Comment with Stewart Chabwinja

Those who have seen close-up pictures of Mugabe addressing the gathering, or watched him deliver his speech on TV would no doubt have noticed he appeared to struggle, particularly with his right eye, ostensibly in addition to other rumoured ailments, including the right knee which he confirmed had “started to give a bit of trouble” in his 90th birthday interview in February, besides reports of prostate cancer.

The eye appeared nearly shut, and the frail looking Mugabe removed his spectacles several times during the address, something he is not in the habit of doing.

people took to the social media to post images of Mugabe’s travails, with some suggesting he was fast turning blind, while others felt Zimbabwe could be a laughing stock for voting a 90-year-old, ailing man back into power.

Whatever excuses his spin doctors concoct, speculation over Mugabe’s health will simply not go away for he is nonagenarian, which is associated with a gamut of ailments. he holds the highest office in the land and many believe the country’s short and long-term prospects are inextricably linked to his fate and succession.

While there will always be cynics out to make fun of Mugabe’s failing health and even some with a macabre fascination with it, the sight of the world’s oldest executive president apparently having problems with his eye — the source of frequent shuffles to the Far East where he continues to receive medical attention — must have evoked much sympathy even from his detractors.

But the empathy over Mugabe’s health issues must have been tempered with deep concerns over his fitness to rule despite his recent and oft-reprised assurances he is “fit as a fiddle”.

This is particularly so given the fact Zimbabwe has been in the throes of debilitating economic woes for well over a decade, with disturbing signs the economy is under resurgent stress following Mugabe and Zanu PF’s rigging-claim-tainted triumph in last year’s general elections.

Tackling the formidable challenges require a fit, focused, energetic and competent leader, which can hardly be said of Mugabe for many years now.

While he claimed in a recent interview “the desire to serve the country drives me”, the enormity of the country’s socio-economic morass leaves Mugabe’s “desire” alone woefully inadequate.

Although government on Wednesday countered growing concerns over Mugabe’s health by reportedly insisting allegations he was having problems with his eye were malicious, it has been previously confirmed he has had cataracts removed from his right eye by his spokesperson George Charamba.

Besides that, a genuine picture, or video footage, tells a thousand words, as that cliche goes.

Instructively, in 2009 then Information Minister Sikhanyiso Ndlovu reportedly disclosed Mugabe’s vision was so poor that he could no longer read newspapers, and instructed editors at a briefing to increase the papers’ font (letter) size for him to read.

15 thoughts on “Concerns mount over Mugabe’s ill-health”

  1. Goredema says:

    The guy must just die and leave us alone!

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  2. bambo says:

    akafa tinomama tose usafarira n’anga inobata mai vako.

    1. Tsetsaz says:

      Iwe bambo wambotanga wafunga here usati wanyora. Urimunyori wenhema

  3. WeDenga says:

    Bambo washaya zvekutaura.Tinomama nei????

  4. Nhora says:

    The life of Bob is now screeching to a halt . He cannot defy nature . The sun is now setting on this evil dictator . Behold , no wicked man shall enter the kingdom of God .

  5. Thabo says:

    If bob dies i will have a big braai on the same day.The world dictator.

    1. Grace says:

      Can I come? I will bring the beer.

  6. Mberengwa says:

    Aiwa guys it doesn’t have to be like this, it’s unhuman to rejoice over one’s demise. I don’t like him but the picture I saw of him and the video that aired on BBC made me feel sorry for him. The sun is gradually setting for the once mighty Bob.

  7. Mbongeni Sakhe says:

    As a Gukurahundi orphan, I DO SAY I WILL CELEBRATE when Mugabe dies.

    1. takakora says:

      Iwe Mberengwa ever heard of the song ‘Ding Dong’? Mugabe has blood on both his hands and feet…. yeah feet. so honestly him dieing by natural means and yet he oversaw the death of many Zimbabweans for political office is not only painful to those who lost loved ones but rather an insult. I would want to see him dragged to Chikurubi and die there….

    2. Tawanda says:

      Inhuman pliz

  8. Uriel says:

    The hounds of hell are waiting….

  9. ronaldos says:

    The sun is not setting fast enough , for the biggest Coward , liar, Butcher , Oppressor, Racist , Self opinionated , Dictator etc etc Africa has ever known.
    Mugabe needs to know how we the people of Zimbabwe really feel about him

  10. chinos says:

    I can forsee delta making millions very soon.

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