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Tsvangirai’s wife fears for her life

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s embattled wife Elizabeth Macheka has approached the Zanu PF government seeking protection from MDC-T members after walking out on her marriage with their party president, the Zimbabwe Independent can reveal.

Herbert Moyo/Elias Mambo

Sources close to the development said Macheka, who reportedly deserted Tsvangirai a month ago, approached the army, police and Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), seeking protection from her “enemies within the MDC-T” who feel she deserted their leader at a time he needed her most.

“Elizabeth claims she is living in fear of being attacked by those loyal to Tsvangirai and has requested a bodyguard,” said a top security sector official.

“She fears that MDC-T party activists could attack her for embarrassing their leader through the breakdown of their marriage which has become cannon fodder for the local and international media.
“In the past few weeks, she has met with different people in the security system including police, CIO and the army, to request their assistance in securing a bodyguard.”

Another source close to the meetings said Macheka needed the bodyguard because she does a lot of travelling to and from her farm in Mazowe, where she is running a poultry project and farming maize. She visits the farm daily.

“She has a thriving poultry project in Mazowe where she travels to everyday; so she is afraid of going there alone,” the source said.
“The talks are on-going and the security sector is giving the issue serious thought.”

However, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka dismissed the allegations saying marriage issues are private.

“That one is a private issue and the (MDC-T) president (Tsvangirai) is dealing with it in a dignified and mature manner. The issue cannot, however, subordinate the bigger crisis that the country is facing at the moment,” Tamborinyoka said.

Tsvangirai’s marriage to Macheka has always been steeped in controversy, not just because of her Zanu PF links as she is the daughter of Joseph Macheka, a Zanu PF central committee member, but also because she was once married to an Airforce of Zimbabwe officer Mabasa Guma who died in a car accident along the Harare-Bulawayo road some 10 years ago.

Her marriage to Tsvangirai was met with resistance and disapproval from sections of the MDC-T as some women in the party were said to have preferred Lorcadia Karimatsenga who Tsvangirai dumped for Macheka amid claims she was pregnant with his twins which she later miscarried.

Speculation about the marital woes mounted soon after Tsvangirai lost to President Robert Mugabe when Macheka left the country for South Africa.

Shortly after, the public media ran a story in August under the headline Tsvangirai’s Wife Love Saga Deepens purporting to reveal salacious details of Macheka’s extra-marital affair with Kennedy Ngirazi with whom she is said to have a child.

Another source said contrary to reports that she left their shared Highlands home last month, Macheka actually moved to Borrowdale on September 26 last year.

Tsvangirai recently admitted to the media that their marriage was on the rocks although he still harbours hopes it could be salvaged.
However, the source said Macheka turned down Tsvangirai’s request to resolve the issue at a family meeting last week on Wednesday.

“Macheka has refused to resolve the issue and she even boycotted a family meeting last Wednesday with the Tsvangirai family which was held with the aim of helping the two to iron out their differences,” sources said.

Macheka’s cellphone was not reachable when this newspaper tried to contact her on Wednesday and Thursday.

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  1. The former Prime Minister Tsvangirai’s marriage to Elizabeth Macheka should be treated as a private affair. To most people Tsvangirai is a politician who should be left alone to pursue his chosen career. The question is: Who is benefitting from the sorry story?

  2. How can she say she fears for her life when she is staying in Tsvangirai’s house in Borrowdale, she must first surrender the property to Tsvangirai and leave him for good not otherwise. Then, if this is true that she disrespected the Tsvangirai family meeting to resolve the matter; to me it means she had always harboured ulterior motives other than her willingness into marriage. In light of this we cannot deny the fact that she was part of the CIO that meant to destroy Tsvangirai right from within his home. And now to Tsvangirai, leave that woman alone she was not yours from the word go and this time she will lead you into death. There are so many woman in the MDC-T that can make good wives for you, why do you continuously fish from the unpalatable Zanu-pf pond?

  3. Tsvangirai maybe prone to blunders,but he surely knows the implications of a wife who seeks protection from his political adversaries.The message from Elizabeth is clear,for her this relationship is over,very soon divorce papers.

  4. there wasn’t any marriage in the first place. that macheka woman was always a cio planted goon, and now that she has successfully accomplished her mission, there is no reason for her to remain in that false union. Tsvangirai was so foolish to fall for such an unsophisticated trick. Kungoti maCIO acho aiziva maweaknesses aTsvangison wacho.

  5. Charismatic, Likable, man of the people. But This Tsvangson cant run his private life. Very soon we are going to witness another 6 figure payout for a failed marriage. There are so many beautiful ladies within MDC who have nothing to do with ZANU pf. Eliza was a CIO operative, she is just completing a double on Tsvangirai after Locadia does the same few months ago.

  6. Tsvangirai idununu. Eliza is clearly a ZANU pf person for how else could he explain her possession of a farm in Mazowe. I live in Mazowe and know that all beneficiaries of farms in this area were top army, police, cio or government officials. Chimurume ichi chidhanana chemunhu. Lots of people warned him against marrying this woman and now his reputation and that of the MDC are sufferring because of him. And in the midst of all this poor judgement chitototo ichochi is refusing to go, kwanzi handiende. Sorry hako mu grade dovi iwe, reputation and judgements are important in today’s democratic world.

  7. Its like a Christain Pastor marrying a self confessed Moslem and hope that one day you will convert her to your faith. NEVER. Look now he has compromised the ‘church’ when within that church they were so many good ladies of the same faith .

  8. Guyu kutsvuka kunze mukati mune masvosve.Morgan uchinyanya kubehaver sepwere,kutadzawo nekudecider zvekumba.Watove celebrity dzemufirimuka.Ndada zvangu imo muZanu umu,ko wanga washaya asingakudire politics here?

    Mhosva ndeyako Morgan apa,kungofarira kutamba nemadhaka uchiziva kunze kwakaoma.I hope you have learnt your lessons well.Enjoy the family that God gave you.

  9. Joki rinoda kushandisa vanhu ngarimame manje ribudemuimba yekubhorrowdale rinogaraka kwarinochengetera huku ndokurisafe

  10. Brother Tsvangirai has made so many blunders concerning his love life that it’s difficult to sympathise with him. Morgan is now almost 62 years old but is behaving like a teenager. That’s too bad and must stop forthwith!

  11. Zvorwadza bcoz its Tsvangirayi and not Mugabe/Grace/Gono handiti??? All is fair in love and war. But one Questions? Is the CIO behind Tsvangirai’s erectile dysfunction bcoz people expect this woman to stay in a sexlexx marriage even tho she does not want to be sexlexx….Apa is she stayed and cheated on Tsvangison again vanhu voti CIO??? Mazimba have taken leave of reason.

  12. Excitement is what brought this man down. Now if excitement at the sight of a woman can cause so much confusion, I wonder if occupation of state house is not going to excite him to lunacy. Is this man presidential material ?

  13. For the goodness of mankind , please may you leave the private life of Morgan Tsvangirai alone. Marital problems are common everywhere , just check around your immediate family and see. It seems Zimbabwe newspapers are selling their papers by merely publishing Tsvangirai’s marital affairs.
    By the way the Zimbabwe Independent Newspaper is not that independent as it has a very big soft spot for Zanu PF , which is full of people with filthy and dirty marital affairs but they don’t publish it or write about it WHY? The Independent , your objective is to see the downfall of Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai’s marital affairs , even if you write about it everyday will not solve ZIMBABWE’s economic and political problems.
    You are just being used by ZANU pf to divert people’s attention.

  14. Nobody knows the full story live these two alone to solve there marital problems,imi dzenyu mapedza here,enda kubasa munis handiri mhuri dzenyu instead of worring about the two pamwe izvozvi vari vese busy laughing at you kkkkkkk

  15. Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe once predicted this well before elections makati mapositori vave kuita zvepolitics.

    The prophercy said
    1. ZANU PF is going to win the elections.
    2. Tsvangirayi and Elizabeth were going to divorce and fight over property.
    3. MDC is going to split into three parties.

    So just watch out kuzadziswa kwemashoko emweya.

  16. Madzibaba Tsvangirai vadyiwa netsananguro. Mapositori makaoma dai musangano wakakuchengetedzai .Makashanda zvakaomarara pama elections apa. President wenyu Ndanga was all over the place campaigning. Rambai makadaro tinodada nemi.

  17. Elizabeth Macheka chipfambi chinokubaya…dzikama husiku husati hwakusvikira…u dont hev to look for any earthly bodyguard coz vanouraya nyama bedzi havana basa bt rather fear He who is going to destroy yo body and soul in hell if u dont repent… Let Jesus be you guard..guarding yo acts also

  18. I feel sorry for Tsvangirai because he is not gifted to reason. The best thing for him is to take leave from politics and concetrate on his private life. This impending divorce will need his full concentration and have to take a lot of energy juices. He will be fighting a ZANUPF machine which has PHDs is destroying an opposition. He should not take down MDC with him by clinging on to power. The world over most governments use female security operatives to get information from their enemies. Even in the bible so many strong men were destroyed by women. Tsvangirai should quickly move for an out of court settlement and move on. ZANUPF courts will leave him living on the streets if he does not know.

  19. The fact that she has a farm in Mazowe means she is and has always been a true ZANU PF, how could Tsvangirai ignore that. This woman is a chally 10, its clear.

  20. I have seriously lost confidence in this Mogan guy…he lack some essential leadership qualities. surely if he doesn’t step down soon, he will bring the entire MDC crumbling down

  21. That was a project successfully executed with 100% success record. Isuwo hedu tiri uno kumaruzevha takazvionawo wani.wakadzipwa neganda nemhuru.

  22. Tsvangirai is a CIO operative used by Zanu pf to confuse real opposition parties.U will all know this by and by.He was and is never an opposition period.This Macheka woman and Tsvangirai know what they are doing.

    Just yesterday we were saying love blind one can choose whoever he loves,WHY did Tsvangirai of all his Girls friends settle for a Zanu pf and a CIO operative.aaaa he is using us thanx to his handlers (zanu pf).

  23. Tsvangirai iGudo chairo, ko kuroora mu MDC mako zvineiko??? Chisiya party yeMDC uende kuZANU kune mwoyo wako!!!!!

  24. To all these cio writing here insulting Morgan you are going no way guys Morgan’s popularity is multiplying by day .Only idiots are going to buy yo cheap politics.How many failed marriages did Mandela have?Did he lose popularity? the answer is no ? uEliza elendlozi lendlala futhi ulesagweba .

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