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GTel launches the A717 Explorer

Zimbabwe’s mobile phone brand GTel officially unveiled its flagship, the new A717 explorer at a glamorous event packed with government officials, dignitaries, telecoms players and members of the media at Rainbow Towers Hotel.


Speaking on behalf of the ministry, finance director in the Ministry of Information Communication Technology (ICT), Postal and Courier Services, an F Gabi, commended the local player for taking the market space in a hotly contested environment by mostly international players.

The new GTel A717 comes with 1,2ghz quad core processor, Dual Sim support, 4,7-inch IPS retina screen, Android jelly bean operating system, 8MP camera back, 1ghz memory and ultra-curve slim design.

With an 1800mAh powered battery, the phone goes for 16 hours after full charge for a moderate user, but for those who really want to put it to the test, playing music on speaker, browsing continuously and taking the processor power to the test with some high resource games, well, the battery sharply declines and quickly begs for a recharge in under eight hours.

Probably a feature which most generic or imitation phones have completely failed to reproduce is the camera quality with HD resolution in both still pictures and HD video.The GTel A717 has made a bold statement here with high-quality image and video fluctuating above the 640×480 standard dimension in a well-lit or broad daylight environment though it does not perform pretty good in night environment.

To spice up on the hardware, it has outstanding features of the next generation of sound which is Dts sound system, currently only available on the GTel’s A717.

The storage for this new phone is rather limited at only 4g — this is bad news for heavy users who need to download lots of apps and games for their day-to-day experience, though one can actually extend capacity with extra memory slots plus; for any normal moderate user, the storage issue is honestly of no significance.

The latest offering from the mobile phone company comes after its predecessor the GTel A707 Infinity. ICT, Postal and Courier Services minister Webster Shamu said that players in the telecoms sector should combine forces and drive technology in Zimbabwe with bespoke technology that drives the growth of the sector and the nation at large. Speaking during the launch, GTel chief executive officer Chamunorwa Shumba said they are unveiling a phone which Zimbabweans are going to fall in love with as it brings lots of powerful features and stability.

Shumba literally showed off some of the cool camera capabilities which could transform image qualities in a few clicks of a button with an inbuilt photo editor.

GTel head of marketing and sales Robert Gonye said the highly-powered phone came at a much more affordable price as it is tagged at only US$395 yet it falls in the same class of high end devices costing above US$1000.

Gonye said: “We are proud of our product which we depend on and since we are delivering to the market direct from the manufacturer to the consumer, hence the supply channel is limited making it affordable and durable as it also comes with 15 months back-up warranty.”

The new GTel A717 Explorer stands to be tried and tested by the Zimbabwean market for the actual user experience feedback.

GTel’s launch comes hard on the heels of other mobile phone launches locally and internationally such as the Huawei brands and the Astro. The company said its product was competitively priced and featuristic too.Asked how and why G-Tide was rebranding to GTel, he said the new GTel brand actually controlled the hardware specs unlike the old brand which was only a franchise.

GTel has undoubtedly been a formidable local brand greatly appreciated by Zimbabweans as the hardware specs have proved to be reliable, backed by one of the world’s most powerful mobile operating system, Android.

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