Kick them out Mr President!

President Robert Mugabe this week promised to fire non-performing ministers from his predictable “new” cabinet in what is widely seen as a last-ditch attempt to convince an uninspired nation that his appointments can deliver.

Candid Comment with Brian Mangwende

Responding to questions from journalists soon after the swearing-in ceremony of ministers and their deputies on whether his appointment of Francis Nhema, regarded as a moderate, signalled a climb-down on his combative indigenisation drive, formerly spearheaded by an aggressive Saviour Kasukuwere, Mugabe retorted: “Nhema is an introvert, Kasukuwere is an extrovert, but don’t think that the one who talks a lot is the one who performs a lot. We expect the ministers to deliver. If the introvert goes to sleep, we chase him away.”

This is exactly what Mugabe must do. He must kick them out when they don’t deliver. Mugabe must be held to his word, taking into consideration his somersault on a promise not to appoint unelected individuals to ministerial posts by roping in five losing party members.

His cabinet has been received with mainly scepticism because it comprises virtually of the same “old boys” whom many, including those in Zanu PF circles, wanted gone like yesterday raising queries as to whether he was sincerely for government reform.

While retaining the old guard, Mugabe demoted some and elevated others.

But surely, unproductive public servants must shape-up or be dismissed, period. Cabinet posts must not be meal tickets to access public funds for self-aggrandisement.

Mugabe must, without any compunction, fire poor performers because the economy has been haemorrhaging for too long without any consequences against the culprits.

Mugabe is reluctant to take action against some of his bosom buddies in government to maintain the patronage system, unity accord of 1987 and tribal balance.

How do ministers account for the loads of money they will spend vis-a-vis their salaries? Mugabe must close the tap if his ministers do not cut back on their spending.

It has been said and not denied that Mugabe has on several occasions discussed issues of extravagance with his ministers and their astonishing incapability to vigorously see through government policies.

From the onset Mugabe should ensure there are mandatory written performance contracts, clear guidelines on how each minister is going to improve output and conduct an evaluation within the first 100 days in office. He should encourage spot performance checks with a view to reining in delinquent and lazy ministers. Lame excuses such as “when I got into this ministry, it was dysfunctional because of the incompetence of the coalition government”, should not be tolerated.

Unlikely as this may sound, something has to be done to get real value from this recycled cabal. The Zanu PF government, which made fantastic promises during elections, needs to deliver lest it gives credence to assertions it has nothing new to offer.

Currently, Zimbabwe depends too much on handouts and loans from China without production, hence its liquidity crisis, so it is prudent for Mugabe to re-engage the world’s biggest economies and move forward.

The nation is waiting with bated breath for Mugabe to deliver on his threats to fire non-performers and election promises.

7 thoughts on “Kick them out Mr President!”

  1. Mushungurudzi Bhunu says:

    The greatest non-performer is Mugabe himself. Nobody will therefore be kicked out of cabinet for non-performance. If anybody is kicked out it will be entirely for personal reasons or for threatening Mugabe’s power base!

  2. Chris Veremu says:

    I will try and dwell on the positives as regard the cabinet..I think Mzembi and Dokora have proven over time that they are serious about doing a full day’s work. I also believe Oppah Muchinguri was just about ‘ripe and ready’ for a higher post like maybe at Home Affair, Local Government or some such, she appears to be like her counterpart Mrs Mujuru willing to put in a full day’s work. As for the rest, God help us and THEM. Of course we hope the new cabinet will do well to remember that you tend to catch more flies with honey than vinegar so please spare us the unnecessary bellicocity and deliver on your mandate for ONCE.. the situation is terrible out there. I hope Mr. Bimha (not holding me breath though) will engage gears and get industry back on its feet, he has everything working for him with the militancy of trade unions down south pushing cost of doing business into the stratosphere the sitaution has never been this good for Zimbabwean industry to get back its lost shelf space (last figures gave 70%)..We continue to pray for our children waiting for a miracle to happen in this sector.

  3. The Great Architect says:

    Politicians are not Businessmen and vice versa. If anyone has to deliver its the Capitans of Industry. Mugabe’s mandate is to keep ZANU in power at whatever cost. Captians of industry’s mandate should be to grow their businesses to multinationals at whatever cost. If a single American company like Walmart can turnover $500 billion worldwide. And Zimbabwe with 95% literacy rate, a quarter of the world diamonds amongst other minerals such platinum, gold etc is still crying foul about not been able to shop at Harrods. Seriously guys, you need to get your heads wherever they are suck and get the economy going.

    If only another Mugabe could rise in business to take on the world. After all, all that is needed is one man: a visionary and architect.

  4. Chris Veremu says:

    Oh perhaps I forgot to welcome back Dr. Parirenyatwa, he did wonders with aids during his past mandate..yes, here is another guy willing to get his hands dirty as well…Welcome back sir!

  5. Totemless says:

    Mugabe will never fire incompetent ministers. He has never done so in the past 33 years. In fact he will promote the useless crooks and thieves . Anybody dreaming of Bob firing his cronies must visit the nearest mental institution .

  6. E Makhate says:

    Tekere once said Bob is the defender of thieves. Then how can he fire them? 33 years of complete failure is an indicator of things to come. If someone can speak English fluently this does mean he has knowledge.

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