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Satanism closer than meets the eye

Congratulations to the Herald’s “Political Mondays” columnist, Amai Jukwa, for publishing what everybody is thinking. “Mugabe must go,” she declared this week.

Opinion by The MuckRaker

Indeed. That’s what the nation thinks. But this is the first time a Herald columnist has been so bold as to give substance to wishful thinking.

There then followed a cowardly attack on those journalists and lawyers who are perceived as MDC-T supporters. In particular Geoff Nyarota came in for a bashing.

“Has he written any insightful works on anything remotely interesting apart from hysterically screaming the three magic words, ‘Mugabe must go’?” Amai Jukwa wanted to know.

What we want to know is which Herald reporters have the same courage to stand up to the regime as Nyarota has done over the years?
Not one. They see their role as apologists for the regime. They indulge delinquent governance and praise the incompetent.

Sadly they see their role as more public relations than journalism. Part of the nation’s decline can be attributed to their collaboration with the regime. Amai Jukwa now becomes part and parcel of that malignant problem.

Squeak on behalf

Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe president Johannes Ndanga, who claims to speak and think on behalf of all apostolic sects in Zimbabwe, is once again making a nuisance of himself.

Ndanga, ZBC reports, “reaffirmed the apostolic churches’ stance and support for the revolutionary party”, it reported.

This is despite the apostolic sects’ repeatedly distancing themselves from Ndanga’s utterances. In September we reported that Musavengana Tawa, leader of the Zion Church in Masvingo, said Ndanga was chasing away members from their congregations by supporting the “discredited” Zanu PF and giving the impression the rest of the congregation supports the same party.

Ndanga now claims “leading” prophets from various indigenous apostolic sects have predicted a resounding victory for President Robert Mugabe in the forthcoming general elections.

“As prophets we would like to reveal the word that has been delivered to us through the Spirit. We now know the winner of the next harmonised elections and it is President Mugabe,” Ndanga declared.
Muckraker is keen to know why these “prophets” did not foresee Mugabe’s defeat to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai in the March 29 2008 general elections.

Magicians, charlatans

Curiously Ndanga himself was quoted by the Chronicle saying magicians and Satanists are now hiding behind the name of the church to hoodwink people into believing that they have the gift of prophecy and can perform miracles.

“Magicians have been with us for a long time, but the problem is that they are now using God’s name to hoodwink people,” Ndanga observed.

“The problem of Satanism has reached unprecedented levels in the country and as church leaders we have every reason to be worried.” Without a hint of irony Ndanga added: “People are being duped every day into believing that there are people with the gift of prophecy who can perform miracles.”

“The Bible is clear that during the last days we will see many people claiming to be possessing so much power and claiming that they are God-sent, yet they are out to cause mayhem,” Ndanga went on.
Amen to that!

More tales in offing

Last week we illustrated how government officials lied to the Herald, telling the gullible newspaper how white farmers had failed to take up the offer of land.

In fact, the CFU responded pointing out that over a thousand commercial farmers had applied for land but not a single one received a reply.

Yet the Herald went ahead and published the government’s claim that no white farmers had applied for land. Political deceit trumped the facts.

It would be useful to note what is going on here. It looks very much as if people who are not journalists at all are feeding the state media with dissembling stories that are then published as factual accounts. For instance not a day goes past without an attack on Tsvangirai.

The public are led to believe every claim made about his plans and movements. In fact much of the published material is fictional. As Justice Ben Hlatshwayo declared in 2008 when ruling in a case involving Tendai Biti, the charges against him made good bed-time reading.

Watch out for similar fantasies in the days ahead. Perhaps the worst dimension in all this is the way in which the public media is being abused for electoral ends. Some journalists don’t seem to mind being manipulated in this way.
MDC-T versus 30

Muckraker has in the past drawn attention to Zanu PF front organisations which are designed to counter genuine civics. The Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions and Zimbabwe Development Party are good examples.

On Monday the Herald carried a picture of a gang of Zimbabwe Congress of Students Unions (Zicosu) members paying a courtesy call on President Mugabe at Zanu PF headquarters. They assured the president they were capable of liberating the University of Zimbabwe which they claimed was still a colonised space.

We would suggest they start with Zanu PF headquarters instead. That desperately needs liberating! The building carries a sign saying “New Zanu PF Headquarters”. It has been there over 20 years. On top it carries a motif of a jongwe, a symbol that was changed in 1987 and despite Zapu’s best efforts remains there.

Zicosu was set up to counter Zinasu. It was amusing seeing the seven students trying to look important as Mugabe addressed them. He told them Zanu PF stood for the youth of the country. The Zicusu students were a “brave lot” he declared.

Other outfits masquerading as civil society organisations include Zimbabwe Children of War Liberators Association, Zimbabwe Coffin Makers Association, Zimbabwe Exhumers Association, Youth in Natural Resources Management, Journalists for Empowerment, Destiny for Afrika Network, Zimbabwe Revolutionary Volunteers Front, Federation of Civil Society Organisations, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Justice, and Upfumi Kuvadiki. All formed for the single purpose of standing against the MDC-T in forthcoming elections.

Let’s see how they do.

Error of omission

Still at the “New” Zanu PF headquarters, the Mail carried an interview with the party’s administrator Arthur Chadzingwa. He came across as erudite and sensible.

His interviewer, Munyaradzi Huni omitted to mention Chadzingwa’s stint as a diplomat in Algeria in 1983. This was a period when several Zapu officials were deployed on the diplomatic front. George Kahari for instance went to Germany and Don Mothobi to Japan.

Why are we never told these things? Muckraker would have asked Chadzingwa for instance whether he was happy with his career in later years.
Bowled out

The recent visit by Malawian President Joyce Banda to Zimbabwe left her “bowled over” by her host President Mugabe, the Sunday Mail claimed.

Banda’s Facebook fans, the newspaper claimed, appeared to be reading from the same script as they “showered” praise on Mugabe.
However, the unflattering comments about Mugabe seemed to escape the Sunday Mail’s notice.

“ … to me Mugabe is making more orphans out of the economy in his country. Mugabe and his wife are a disgrace not to be emulated! (You) are wrong on this one madam president! Sorry to say (that)?” said Shadrack Macouko.

Kunya Wycliffe Mwesigwa had this to say: “It is also possible that those kids are orphans because of Mugabe’s greed. He is just cleaning (up) his own mess but let him not create conditions that will render more children and women homeless.”

“Madam president advise Mugabe to retire,” said Fredrick Omondi.
So much for being bowled over!

Finally Jesse Jackson has returned to Zimbabwe for more grandstanding.

In South Africa, in 1990, he asked Nelson Mandela’s handlers if he could join the parade from Pollsmoor prison.
“No, certainly not,” came the reply.

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