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Mugabe reads riot act

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe yesterday read the riot act to senior Zanu PF officials involved in bitter factional infighting which is threatening to rip apart his faction-riddled party as bigwigs jostle to succeed the 89-year old veteran leader.

Report by Obey Manayiti

Speaking at the burial of Matadziseyi Tangwena, wife of the late national hero Chief Rekayi Tangwena in Tsatse village in Nyanga, Mugabe said his party needs to be organised ahead of elections. He also attacked architects of the 2008 “Bhora Musango” (sabotage campaign) campaign that saw Zanu PF losing its parliamentary majority to the MDC formations for the first time since Independence.

“You should organise yourselves well,” said Mugabe. “This business of continuously insulting each other and forming little factions should stop. We don’t want that.
No, no, no I have rejected it. This is not what (Chief Rekayi) Tangwena died for,” Mugabe said.

Zanu PF is mainly divided along factions allegedly led by Vice-President Joice Mujuru and Defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa fighting for political control and dominance to produce a successor to Mugabe.

“We should not be people who fight because of different totems or different political parties. If people refuse to buy your ideologies you don’t use force. Let’s vote peacefully,” Mugabe said.

On primary elections; let’s vote peacefully. In all parties there is fighting; we can’t have all of you to represent the party during elections; it’s only one who represents the party. We heard that some leaders are using money. We don’t want vote buying; you can’t buy people, they are not clothes.”

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