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MDC-T Nec reviews Juice as it prepares ‘to govern’

THE MDC-T national executive committee (Nec) held a workshop in Nyanga a fortnight ago in preparation for the party’s national policy conference earmarked for later this month to fine-tune its policies ahead of elections expected this year.

Report by Elias Mambo

Sources who attended the meeting said the party would hold a policy conference as part of its preparations “to govern” because it is confident of winning the next elections.

The workshop discussed a number of issues including the economy, agriculture, mining, the public service and social welfare as well as youth empowerment, among others.

MDC-T has on several occasions dismissed Zanu PF’s indigenisation and empowerment programme claiming it is partisan in nature. Sources said the party proposes a different empowerment model which seeks to reinforce the youth’s entrepreneurship skills and full participation in the economy.

On public service policy, the sources said MDC-T intends to strengthen social dialogue in labour and the private sector. It also aims to resolve the plight of the civil servants, especially teachers, by providing a sound economic policy that takes into consideration the need to remunerate them well.

The mining sector was discussed at length as the MDC-T feels there is an urgent need to ensure transparency and accountability and guarantee profits from diamonds proceeds go to Treasury instead of being controlled by the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation.

On agriculture, the MDC-T aims to restore the country’s bread basket status within the Sadc region.

Sources also said the party’s executives had agreed that there would be no reversal of the land reform programme, but there was urgent need to ensure small to middle-scale farmers are supported in order to increase production.

Political analyst Eldred Masunungure said the MDC-T was ready to govern because it has had a four-year apprenticeship in the inclusive government with its leader Morgan Tsvangirai as Prime Minister and chairperson Lovemore Moyo as the Speaker of the House of Assembly, among others.

“The MDC-T is more prepared to govern now than it was five years ago,” Masunungure said. “It is better prepared to govern than Zanu PF was in 1980 because it has gone through an apprenticeship,” he said.

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