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Olivine: Embracing global packaging trends

PACKAGING is not a recent phenomenon.

It is an activity associated with the evolution of society, and as such, can be traced back to human beginnings.

The nature, degree and amount of packaging used at any stage of a society’s growth reflect the needs, cultural patterns, material availability and technology of that society.

In a world without packaging, we would need to live at the point of production or harvest to enjoy many of these products and our enjoyment of them would be limited to the natural biological life span of each.

Without packaging Olivine Industries would ask all its customers to bring their bread to the company’s premises for spreading. Can you imagine the pushing and shoving that would be experienced and many other challenges associated with huge
crowds ?

But because the company continues to embrace latest packaging technology, customers can have and enjoy their margarines, cooking oils, soaps and canned products wherever they are in Zimbabwe and the region.

The company continues to interrogate its packaging systems so that it “evolves’’ and ‘‘revolutionalises” them to keep it in tandem with world trends, customer needs, technical requirements, legal and environmental requirements.

By continuously “Kaizening ” the packaging we are rejuvenating the old looking and tired products and placing them in the growth and maturity stages of their life cycles.

The recently introduced Buttercup Regular in a tub as well as the Buttercup medium fat in a tub bear testimony to Olivine‘s ability to provide convenience to its customers.

Today, increasing focus is placed on how to best utilise packaging to increase sales and add value for consumers, while also satisfying commercial requirements of achieving operation performance objectives of speed, quality, flexibility, dependability and cost.

Packaging should protect what it sells and sell what it protects. It achieves this through the following technical and marketing functions, containment, protection or preservation, providing convenience in use and identifying the product and informing customers.

At Olivine we believe packaging is the hand- shake between us and our valued customers and that it should foster a relationship between us in the form of brand loyalty. Olivine packaging talks to the customer in a special way our competitors don’t understand and this is why Olivine management and staff believe in the brand.
Olivine brands are here to stay and will continue to be the Nation’s favourites!

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