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Zanu PF running Zim aground more apt

Zanu PF appears to think that playing host to populist demagogues from South Africa will endear Zimbabweans to the derelict party.

Report by The MuckRacker

Last week they smuggled the disgraced Julius Malema into the country to attend a Youth League wedding. Given this platform, he declared Zimbabwe was “an inspiration to Africa”.

“Don’t listen to imperialist newspapers,” Malema declared, “you have achieved a lot. You are running your own country, you have been managing your own affairs and you are not controlled by foreigners.”
However, when millions of Zimbabweans in economic exile are attacked in South Africa, Malema goes silent. Why?

Despite touting himself as an “unemployed fellow”, Malema was still able to proffer a supposedly humble US$6 000 wedding gift.Malema is under investigation in Limpopo for corrupt tenders that could have benefited him personally. He lives well beyond his means and sports Breitling watches and similar such bling.

Malema also seems to prefer his Sandton townhouse to residing in dusty townships.

Then he comes here to lecture us on social equality! Luckily the newspapers he tells us to ignore carry details of his hypocrisy (which of course is why he wants us to ignore them).

SA bashing

The bond between Malema and demagogues like Jim Kunaka of Chipangano was illustrated a few weeks ago when in an interview with the Financial Gazette Kunaka claimed that unlike former South African president Nelson Mandela, President Mugabe was a genuine African leader.

“That story that he (Mandela) was in jail for 27 years,” he told the newspaper, “was not true. He was not in jail. He was kept in luxury eating nice food. That’s when he sold South Africa.”

This was probably a reference to Mandela’s spell in Pollsmore. That came right at the end of his incarceration. But Kunaka can’t be expected to understand these distinctions.

He belongs to a party which trades on ignorance. And its anti-South African credentials are becoming more obvious by the day.

Zim run aground

We liked the bit in Malema’s speech at the Harare wedding on Zanu PF “running your own country”.

Running it into the ground would be more apt! Much can be said of Zanu PF’s stewardship that is increasingly emulated by South Africa.
The similarity is evident to anybody following the South African Airways saga or the comings and goings on the SABC board.

Then there is the saga of Menzi Simelane and Richard Mdluli, among several other dubious appointments of presidential cronies. The recently unearthed Nkandlagate shows South Africa is now catching the Zanu PF virus.

Chef on the run!
Zimbabwe is indeed an inspiration to the rest of Africa.
It is a good example of how a parasitic post-liberation elite eats the country in the way locusts do.

And then, like Patrick Chinamasa they sit back and declare who can govern and who can’t.

There would be “trouble” if anybody sought to reverse land reform, he declared to the BBC.

“And if those countries impose for him (Tsvangirai) to win,” Chinamasa said, “that result will not be acceptable.”

So here is a minister and negotiator, who also happens to be unelected, attempting to thwart the will of the people.

Zanu PF mandarins will determine who can rule irrespective of the electoral outcome. Does that sound like a confident and successful leader? It sounds more like a chef on the run!

Bubble bursts
Zanu PF’s delinquency was laid bare this week as its land-grab spree backfired on hapless Epworth residents who had settled on a piece of land owned by private developer Sunway City.

The residents were allocated the stands by local party leaders only identified as Kembo and Chisango, NewsDay reports, apparently without authority to do so from the owners of the land.

Unfortunately the bubble burst for the members of the so-called Chinamano housing co-operative on Sunday when they woke up to find a bulldozer demolishing their homes. This followed a High Court order issued recently indicating that the residents were unlawfully settled on land reserved for light industries. Sunway City general manager Kwaku Dzvukamanja said his company had tried in vain to make the settlers leave voluntarily since September 2011.

If the hapless and now homeless residents thought they would get any comfort from their benefactor, Zanu PF, they had another think coming.

Asked by NewsDay if Zanu PF was responsible for issuing the illegal stands, Zanu PF Harare Province chairman Amos Midzi disowned the action by their functionaries in Epworth, saying the party did not have a policy to illegally seize land.

No kind words
The evictees had no kind words for Zanu PF for allocating them stands illegally and lying to them that they would never be removed.

“Zanu PF told us to come and occupy this area last year and we were told we were not going to be affected by any demolitions or evictions because land belonged to the people,” said one of the affected people.

“Zanu PF leaders, one known as Kembo and another known as Chisango, collected money from each family as assurance that we would never be evicted, and at one time we paid US$50 each. Only last week we were made to pay another US$5 per family as contribution towards legal fees so that we would not be evicted,” another said.

Limited scope
Miss Global Zimbabwe Mutsa Mutare has denied that she was summoned to a Jamaican radio station while in that country to explain President Mugabe’s “alleged comments” on Jamaican men.

“I could not comment because that was something outside my scope,” she claimed.

This illustrates just how controlled Zimbabweans are both at home and abroad.

What’s Mutsa’s scope? Is she not able to express a view about the president’s remarks? How can they be “beyond her scope”?

Was this not an issue that affected perceptions of Zimbabwe as a tourist destination? And what is “alleged” about Mugabe’s remarks? Did he make them or not?

‘Look in the mirror’
We can expect a torrent of vitriol from state mandarins following good governance advocate Mo Ibrahim’s sentiments that Zimbabwe should be a powerhouse in Africa but its stagnant political leadership under President Robert Mugabe is holding it back.

Ibrahim’s Index of African Governance foundation announced that for the third time in four years it would not award its Prize for Achievement in African Leadership as no suitable candidates were found.

“Zimbabwe should have been a success story. It is a wonderful country with wonderful resources but unfortunately is at a political impasse,” he said.

“The past generation, most African leaders came from freedom-fighting, liberation movements. A good fighter is not necessarily a good governor. It takes different skills to run a country,” Ibrahim said.

“If you look in a mirror and see an ugly face, maybe you are really ugly. It’s not the fault of the mirror. We need to be a little bit more brutal in order to move forward. We need more honesty to say the tough things.”

Brace for a backlash from Zanu PF’s angry attack dogs.

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