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No surprises in trust fund looting spree

IN response to “Share ownership trust funds looted” (Zimbabwe Independent, September 5), I always expected the funds to be looted at some point but I am still shocked it has happened so early.

According to the story, wrangles have erupted over the administration and disbursement of the funds allocated to community share ownership trusts between the Indigenisation ministry, the Local Government ministry and the National Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Board.

They are even conniving to loot the funds contributed by companies that have complied with the indigenisation laws, leaving the intended beneficiaries, the communities, once again out of the loop.

I am very keen to hear what Indigenisation minister Saviour Kasukuwere has to say about this sorry state of affairs considering his aggressive support of this programme. Like most Zanu PF officials he might blame it all on the “illegal” sanctions which have bedevilled his party.

Despite Kasukuwere’s assurances the implementation of the indigenisation programme will be above board, this revelation lays bare the rot in the so-called empowerment programme.

Ironically Kasukuwere has been on a crusade against foreign-owned banks which he accused of sabotaging the economy.

Clearly the sabotage is closer to home than Kasukuwere cares to admit.
Once again ordinary Zimbabweans are getting the short end of the stick while the fat cats get richer.

I concur with the view of Mavambo/Kusile/Dawn leader Simba Makoni who recently said corruption should be declared a national disaster like HIV and Aids as it was prevalent across all spectrums of society.

“Corruption in Zimbabwe should be declared a national disaster just like HIV and Aids because it starts from the top leaders, just like a fish which starts to rot from the head,” Makoni said.
I couldn’t agree more!

Liberty Chiroto,

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