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About Heritage Insurance

To be the leader and standard bearer in providing insurance risk management solutions in Zimbabwe.
To grow and preserve stakeholder interests through the provision of comprehensive risk management solutions.
Core values:
 Integrity
 Innovation
Heritage Insurance Company Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd has a proven record of security and professionalism together with efficiency based on sound principles.

With a talented select team delivering service excellence Heritage has been one of Zimbabwe’s renowned insurers for more than 75 years. The company has been in the short term insurance business since 1937. We are committed to delivering service excellence.
Why insure with Heritage Insurance Company?
75 years of short-term underwriting experience
 Quick turnaround on claims settlement
 Quick response to enquires and queries
High quality assurance processes
 High perceived ethical and professional standards
Financially sound
Wide branch network
Flexible premium payment terms

We offer the best service in the following product portfolios:
Credit insurance
Our credit insurance division offers tailor made products to corporate clients who offer their goods and services on credit to the public. Our clientele base is drawn from financial institutions, manufacturers, credit stores and micro finance institutions. We also provide tailor-made staff loan protection schemes. Our credit insurance products are more of a partnership with our policyholders than the usual insurance contract.

Personal insurance
Heritage insurance company offers the following policies under personal insurance: house-owners, householders, all risks, personal, accidents golfers and motor.

House-owners — covers accidental damage or destruction to your house against mishaps such as fire, flood, lightning, storm and theft.
Householders — covers loss or damage or destruction to your household contents caused by fire, lightning, storm, flood, and theft.
All risks — covers personal belongings that you can carry around with you such as cell phones, clothing, spectacles and jewellery against fire, theft and accidental damage. The cover is worldwide.

Personal accident

Covers you against bodily harm arising from violent,accidental, external and visible means resulting in disability or death as well as medical shortfalls.

• Golfers
Covers your liabJity in the event of you scoring a recognised hole-in-one in a golf game Further,it provides all risks cover for golfing equipment and golfer’s personal effects as well as your liability as a golfer to the public



Motor vehicle/motor fleet

We provide cover for the following:



• Comprehensive
Loss of or damage to the vehide and liabiiity for the death or injury to third parties and damage to their property.
• Full third party fire and theft
Fire and theft cover only to own vehicle and third party/liability.
• Full third party only:
Third party liability for death, injury and damage to third party property only.
Business/commercial insurance

We provide cover for the following:
•Fire and Allied perils • Goods in Transit
•Lossof profits • FidelityGuraruee
•Engineering. • Glass
•Group personal accident Marine
•Burglary • All risks
•Public liability • Surety bonds and guarantees
•Money • Computers
•Professional indemnity Aviation



Farming insurance
We provide cover for the following:

• Farm buildings/ contents
Ail farm buildings and/or contents thereof and/or farming requisites. Goods are covered in respect of destruction or damage caused by fire, lightning or explosion, storm tempest,rain, hail, floods, aircraft and aerial devices dropped there from, bursting or over flowing of water supply systems and impact with any building.

• Crops and tobacco leaf
All crops are covered from time of planting until final delivery to buyer’s or agent’s depot,auction floor or warehouse in Zimbabwe against destruction caused by fire and allied perils.



Consequential loss (Tobacco curing systems) This covers Virginia tobacco leaf which is actually lost as a result of inability to cure such tobacco leaf where such inability is solely consequent upon the destruction or damage to any unit of the insured’s Virginia tobacco curing system by any insured peril.

This covers the insured in respect of any livestock killed whilst anywhere on the insured’s premises or whilst on any adjacent premises by arrangement for the purpose of grazing. All livestock including cattle, horses, sheep/pigs and any other animals are covered for the following:
• Fire, lightning and explosion.
• Impact by any road vehicle, railway locomotive or rolling stock,
• Riots,strikes and malicious damage
• Accidental electrocution from any cause whatsoever.
• Diseases (optional)
• Theft (optional)









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