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Pre-payment meter questions answered

THE following are frequently asked questions and answers to consumer queries and concerns.
Q: Is conversion from post-paid to pre-paid optional or compulsory?
A: It is compulsory; ZETDC has made a decision to change metering technology and all meters in the domestic and institutions will be converted to pre-paid.

Q2: What are  customers expected to do with the outstanding bills for electricity  consumed during the time they were on post-paid metering after conversion to pre-paid metering?
A: There are two options, either they clear the outstanding bill before conversion or  the debt  is transferred to the pre-payment account.

The other option is that the previous debt will be transferred to the pre-payment meter. The arrears collection facility in the system allows the customer to settle his/her debt. Each time the customer purchases, 20% of their purchase account is automatically deducted until debt is fully cleared.

Q3. Where can credit for pre-paid meters be purchased?
A: Currently, credit vending points are in selected ZETDC offices in Harare and Bulawayo.

Plans are also underway to appoint third party vending platforms. When the system is eventually rolled  out throughout the country customers will be able to purchase electricity tokens

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