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MDC-T joining GNU was not a mistake

IN response to “MDC-T paying price for gravy train ride” (Zimbabwe Independent, September 7) the MDC-T may have made a myriad of mistakes but joining the inclusive government is certainly not one of them.

They heeded the pleas of their grassroots supporters who had reached breaking point, with the value of their wages eroding at the doors of supermarkets. Zimbabweans were fleeing the land in all directions.

Additionally, we should never forget the horror show which preceded the 2008 presidential run-off election.

Only a heartless leadership would ignore the decimation of their supporters to settle political scores.

It was a very difficult time that called for leadership and the MDC-T provided it and for this they should be commended, not vilified.

After joing the GNU the MDC-T leadership faced an unenviable task.

They needed to hit the ground running while also having to work with their erstwhile opponents.

The real question should not be about why they joined the GNU but why they let their guard down as their Zanu PF colleagues remained in war mode.

In fact, Zanu PF has been in election mode since day one.

Therefore, taking pot shots at the MDC-T for joining the GNU is retrogressive and ignores the realities which were on the ground.

Chris Veremu,

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