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Cloud computing unveiled

TWENTY Third Century System (TTCS), a local IT services company in partnership with SAP international, has unveiled a cloud computing service targeting Small-to-Medium Enterprises.

Report by Staff Writer
SAP is a software development company employing over 38 000 people in over 50 countries in the world.

Twenty Third Century Systems CEO Ellman Chanakira said cloud computing service would enable Zimbabwe customers to access critical business management data for efficient and effective functioning at affordable cost.

Cloud computing is the use of computing resources — hardware and software — that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet).

Chanakira said traditionally, companies have to invest in ICT at a huge cost.

He said cloud computing service presented an alternative low cost model and eliminates the need for upfront financial investment in ICT services.

“Advances in telecommunications and security technology, coupled with the dropping cost of connectivity have allowed cloud computing to become a more main stream reality,” said Chanakira.

“Internet bandwidth is becoming cheaper and more ubiquitous, making cloud computing a real business operation alternative for the average Zimbabwean company.”

The new software application has been launched as “Cumulus”, a revolutionary business management solution. The service will be hosted locally and accessed securely over the internet.

Chanakira said the new software application would streamline operations and increase business insight at  a lower cost.

He said professional user-subscription would be  US$125 per month while limited professional user-subscription would be US$70.

According to TTCS, Cumulus would come with a host of benefits, like the reduction of IT overheads through a decrease in hiring of experienced IT staff to manage and support hardware and software.

The new tailor-made service will streamline operations and increase business insight with a complete, integrated on-demand solution.

Chanakira said the new software would increase business agility and accessibility via mobile devices.

The company would provide on-site training during set-up of the new technology.

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