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Biti’s Mugabe praise-singing disingenuous

WHILE Finance minister and MDC-T secretary-general, Tendai Biti, is entitled to his opinions, I find his bootlicking of President Robert Mugabe strange considering their respective parties will be slugging it out in elections slated for next year. Biti, in an interview with a local weekly, described Mugabe as a fountain of knowledge and stability.
“We find counsel and wisdom in him. His importance in this country will be seen once he is gone. When he is gone that is when you will see that this man was Zimbabwe. Some of us who came from different parties have had to learn a lot from the man,” Biti said. He forgets the past and what Mugabe has done to them.
MDC-T Organising Secretary and GNU Minister of Information Technology, Nelson Chamisa, has also lionised Mugabe, describing the latter as a captain in the “cockpit” while the rest of them are passengers.
What I find strange in all this idolising is that it is not reciprocated by Mugabe and Zanu PF. While the MDC-T ministers immerse themselves in an ecstatic frenzy of hero-worshipping, Mugabe and Zanu PF keep their eye on the ball in ridiculing and vilifying them in their bid to retain power.
Rarely does Mugabe or anyone in Zanu PF ever utter a flattering word in the MDC-T’s direction.
Day in, day out Biti’s party is demonised in the state-controlled media for decisions which would have been made collectively with Zanu PF. Biti, for instance, is blamed for undercapitalising the agriculture sector as if budget allocations are entirely up to him. Zanu PF is also busy digging up dirt on the MDC-T while the latter are busy praise-singing. If Mugabe is such a nice guy, as we are led to believe, why does he not allow the opening of the airwaves to allow the free dissemination of information?
Why, also, is Zanu PF standing in the way of the implementation of a plethora of outstanding issues of the Global Political Agreement?
Biti’s interview in the state-controlled media only saw the light of day because he was singing Mugabe’s praises. Otherwise it would have been spiked had he said otherwise.
Biti and company must realise Zanu PF has already upped the ante in as far as campaigning is concerned and will be taking no prisoners come election time. It is disingenuous on the MDC-T’s part to be singing praises for their opponents when elections are drawing closer.

Bernard Mhlope,

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