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Moyo’s plain selective amnesia on 2008 polls

ZANU PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo, of all people, appears to have forgotten about the 2008 political violence which claimed the lives of more than 200 people and displaced thousands.
In an article in the Sunday Mail entitled “What exactly is “a repeat of 2008?”, Moyo wrote: “There is pandemonium in the embattled GPA circles with scandalous warnings of a looming ‘repeat of 2008’ as Zimbabweans continue to lose faith in the GPA.”
He then asks: “What is it about 2008 that should not be repeated?”
Moyo immediately answers his own question by saying: “Although they (those in the GPA whom he refers to as “GPA creatures”) have not addressed this question the obvious implication is that there should not be a repeat of political violence whose allegations tarnished the 2008 election.”
Moyo clearly knew the answer to his rhetorical question and elaborates: “In this connection there is no debate as everybody is agreed that political violence should be banished and eradicated not just from Zimbabwe’s electoral practice but from our political practice and culture.”
The ever-creative professor then found an external enemy to blame for what happened in 2008 saying:
“When everything is said and done, the real cause of what happened in 2008 which should not be repeated going forward is that the UK, US and France externalised an internal election process which had gone remarkably well in the run up to, during and immediately after the March 29, 2008 election which was without doubt the most peaceful, free and fair election ever witnessed in our country.”
Contrary to Moyo’s claims an Amnesty International report published on May 16, 2008 cited widespread politically-motivated violence during and immediately after the March 29, 2008 elections.
However, Moyo has a different version of events. He went on: “Trouble started when it became clear that first and in terms of Zimbabwe’s laws the presidential election did not produce an outright winning candidate with 50% plus one vote and that second, the parliamentary election  did not produce an outright winning party with 106 seats out of 210 in the lower house of parliament.”
Yet President Robert Mugabe publicly admitted that his party had lost the  March 2008 election and blamed it for de-campaigning him. Moyo then finishes off with his signature statement characterised by threats against perceived opponents. Readers of his articles have become accustomed to the threats he routinely makes against anyone who stands in his way.
“It would be catastrophic for any foreigners including neighbours to treat a country like ours in simplistic or casual terms through the kind (of) Tshombe-like talk we keep hearing from some creatures of the GPA,” Moyo warns.
As for his somersault, Moyo has previously denounced Zanu PF calling it a tribal clique with no respect for democracy. He has also authored stinging articles on Mugabe such as “Why Mugabe should go now”.

Clifford Chitupa Mashiri,

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