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Taylor was convicted on all charges in April and sentenced to a 50-year prison term on Wednesday after being found guilty of assisting rebels in Sierra Leone’s civil war from 1991 to 2002.

Bush and Blair top the list of Zanu PF’s enemies despite leaving office more than five years ago.

Zanu PF youth secretary Absalom Sikhosana told the Independent in an interview on Wednesday that there were strong grounds for the ICC to indict Bush and Blair, but nothing was being done because of the court’s bias against African leaders.

He described Taylor’s sentence as the “height of insanity” and said the ICC was “positional” and a curse to the African continent.

“This animal called the ICC was created to deal only with African leaders who do not agree with the wishes of the West,” said Sikhosana.

“They said Taylor did not (personally) commit any of the crimes but some people did it, so Taylor is innocent and has no case to answer. These are the kind of things we are fighting against,” he said.

Sikhosana said there was a need for research in Africa on where arms used by rebel leaders in Benghazi or Ivory Coast come from and those supplying the ammunition should be brought to book.

“Africa does not manufacture arms but has aserious proliferation of arms. Where are they (arms) coming from?  It’s the very same people who arm rebel groups on the continent who try our leaders for war crimes,” he said.

Sikhosana said Bush lied that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and when nothing was found after the country had been bombed to ruins by American and British warplanes, the ICC turned a blind eye and pretended nothing had happened.

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