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Govt to print textbooks

Chissano said this in response to a question on leaders like Mugabe, who manipulate the liberation struggle and use it as an emotional blackmail to stay in power, during a discussion on The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: How elections in Africa confirm and confound what we know about inequality at the Open Forum 2012 conference in Cape Town.

“I think that if there are any who are doing that, it is because what they should do is to educate the new generation on the values of the liberation struggle which they want attained,” said Chissano.

“In my country, this may not apply because if you go to the cabinet of the present government, you will find three people who fought in the liberation struggle. All the other ministers and their deputy ministers didn’t fight in the liberation struggle.”

Chissano said his country had managed to produce well educated and bright Mozambicans capable of running the country since the country’s independence in 1975.
“Imagine the type of brains that we now have. So the ability of liberation movements to transfer the values to the new generation is very important. This is empowering the citizens who come from different places. Things have evolved over the years; we now have cellphones, microphones, iPads, etc –– all these things have made us all evolve. We cannot act on reference of how we acted 10 years ago. You also have to take into consideration the changes in the world,” Chissano said.

Chissano was a founding member of the Front for the Liberation of Mozambique (FRELIMO) and became president after the tragic death of founding president Samora Machel in 1986. He voluntarily stepped down in 2004.

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