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Without taking anything away from Moyo’s intellectual prowess, one needs so much time and nerve to wade through the long-winded and tiresome articles.  

Besides, I am alarmed by the abuse of the public media by a section of the inclusive government and senior Zanu PF officials, chiefly Moyo. I think something needs to be done to stop this growing and brazen abuse. The state media does not belong to Zanu PF so there is no justification for that party’s monopoly of those outlets.

I think the public media should be playing a constructive role to promote development and democratic progress. They should not be used as a platform for peddling party political propaganda and pursuing personal agendas. The public media must serve the national interest, not Zanu PF agendas.

While Moyo can write very well  he allows his discourse to degenerate to pedestrian levels which leaves  some of us wondering whether he is doing it deliberately or running out of things to say.

Of late his articles about the Constitution Parliamentary Select Committee (Copac) have been a mixed bag; some have been really good, some mediocre while others are just awful.

For instance, his argument that 80% of the population does not want a new constitution is not just plainly ridiculous, but also smacks of desperation by someone seeking  relevance in an environment in which he is finding it very difficult to cope.

I really wonder what Moyo’s agenda is. Why is he working so hard to destroy Copac? Why is he afraid of a new constitution before elections? Why is he also being allowed to abuse the state media to promote his personal and self-serving agenda? 

Moyo’s manoeuvres are clearly designed to serve a sinister agenda to retain President Robert Mugabe in power despite reports that he is struggling with old age complications and ill-heath.

Can Moyo tell us why Zimbabwe still needs Mugabe? Isn’t he the same person who, only a few years ago, was telling us Mugabe is now a security threat and burden to the country and must go?

Reading state newspapers and listening to ZBC reminds me of the Cold War era and Soviet propaganda. It was all about lying, indoctrination and mind-control.

I used to think I was the only one noticing it until my friends raised it as well. Some of the stories in the Sunday Mail closely resemble Moyo’s opinion articles.

For instance, the Sunday Mail headline story of April 29, “Copac: Promises and lies”, was obviously culled from his opinion piece inside the same edition titled “Copac mafia turns draft into GPA2”.

The reporter who wrote the story shamelessly harvested Moyo’s views and turned them into “news”. In the past Moyo in his articles showed he had inside information on front page stories in the Sunday Mail before they were published, something I find  strange.

The logical question is who is in actual fact editing the Sunday Mail and other state-run newspapers? Is Moyo the de facto editor-in-chief of the state media?

Martin Chiweshe,
Mount Pleasant, Harare.

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