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This comes in the wake of reports that some Zanu PF hardliners mobilised to avoid the meeting, saying Tsvangirai wanted to take advantage of Mugabe’s absence to chair cabinet through the back door.

Mugabe is presently in Singapore allegedly to “oversee” his daughter Bona’s preparatory work for postgraduate studies.

Tsvangirai’s spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka yesterday confirmed that the premier would not take the boycott lightly and is set to raise it with Mugabe when he returns next week.

“Obviously the prime minister will raise this with the president in their next meeting,” said Tamborinyoka.

Sources said Zanu PF hardliners opposed to Tsvangirai and who want the coalition to collapse orchestrated the boycott which was communicated to ministers by Media Information and Publicity minister Webster Shamu.

“What is clear is that these people caucused and came up with this position,” said the source. “Infact, Shamu is said to have called a number of Zanu PF ministers informing them of the position that led to the boycott.”

However, Shamu yesterday dismissed the allegations, asking: “You want me to respond to gossip?”

Shamu has already set himself on a collision course with Tsvangirai by repeatedly refusing to implement media reforms agreed to by the principals to the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and communicated to him through the chief secretary to president and cabinet, Misheck Sibanda.

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