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Govt threatens to seize 900 hectares from Glenara Estates

This comes soon after another threat early this year where the government had indicated it would acquire 400 hectares for resettlement from the same estate which is a hub of the company’s poultry and cropping business.

The acquisition will see the estate losing 1 300 hectares out of a total of 2 200 hectares which  company CEO Steve Kuipa says  will negatively affect the group across all its business divisions.

Other business divisions of the group include Suncrest Chickens, Hubbard Zimbabwe, Crest Breeders, Agrifoods, Vetco, and Agrimix, whose operations Kuipa said were directly linked to the Glenara Estate.

Kuipa said  the company’s expansion  project to  increase its poultry unit to  60 000 broilers  per cycle would also be incalculably disturbed  as the area the  government  is eyeing is where the  water source for the project and chicken runs are located.

The company invested US$2 million in the project to construct environmentally-controlled houses with a capacity to hold 40 000 birds.

The structures after completion will reduce the poultry mortality rate to below 5%, which currently is 10%. At the moment, CFI is using open-sided facilities.
Kuipa said his company borrowed US$3,8 million from PTA Bank, which was to be paid over five years for the project.

The remaining US$1,4 million of the borrowed money will be spent on upgrading the Victoria Foods plant, while the US$400 000 will go towards upgrading Hubbard hatchery in Beatrice.

The estate also has 714 hectares under commercial maize, 270 hectares under soya beans, 33 hectares under seed maize and 50 hectares under sugar beans.

Mashonaland Central governor Advocate  Martin Dinha, however, said he would engage government to  consider  acquiring less than 500 hectares  as the estate  was one  of the most viable and sustainable  remaining agriculture structures  in the country.

Dinha said the  government  plan on the estate  was  to  give individuals 20 hectares of land  on a contractual  basis which would see them contributing  to the production  estate.

The governor said the expansion of Harare residential area towards Mashonaland Central was threatening agriculture as it continues to reduce productive farming land in the area.

“As Mashonaland Central we don’t see any rationale in Harare residential areas  expanding towards us to disturb sustainable agriculture structures like Glenara Estates. City authorities must consider vertical expansion,” Dina said.

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