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Zanu PF tricks will not work

After the letter was leaked to the Sunday Mail, the same people responsible for the leakage were at pains to distance themselves from leaking the correspondence. 

These type of tactics against opponents will never work because no-one in the Prime Minister’s Office would give the Sunday Mail the letter, which the newspaper painfully tried to portray as a draft letter still to be sent to the president.

It is clear that this letter was already in the President’s Office when it was published in the Sunday Mail.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba (pictured) and people like Jonathan Moyo should know that their crude comments on Tsvangirai and ministers like Tendai Biti, Nelson Chamisa, Theresa Makone, David Coltart and Lucia Matibenga will never work.

The people of Zimbabwe know that these ministers and Tsvangirai have worked hard to improve the people’s lives in a short space of time when Zanu PF has been busy looting the country’s resources.

This will definitely be proved at the elections as Zanu PF will be heavily defeated because of its corruption, looting and other misdeeds.

In the leaked letter, Tsvangirai rightly mentions the desperate attempts that Zanu PF-aligned ministers and officials are using to frustrate government operations.

Progressive ministers in Zanu PF like Tracy Mutinhiri have been dismissed from government by jealous Zanu PF politicians who don’t want to see this country moving forward.

They are busy driving whilst looking at the rear view mirror instead of forwards.  But they should know that they are driving themselves into a bottomless ditch.  Their time will certainly come when the people of Zimbabwe say no to this nonsense.

Charamba and Moyo should stop abusing the public media because we are aware of their machinations and they cannot win us over.  Our time will come very soon for us to exercise our democratic right and we will show them the door.


Trymore Mazhambe,

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