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MDC-M ‘reshuffles’ very much ill-timed

THE chaos in the MDC-M or N, or whatever they are called –– is what happens when you play politics of opportunism.

It was a cataclysmic blunder for them to embark on so called “reshuffles” of their officials, considering the imminent elections. A drastic change of leadership such as this was very much ill-timed, not so much in the replacing of Arthur Mutambara as leader of the party, but trying to remove him from his position in government. It would have been more logical to have had Mutambara continuing as deputy prime minister whilst being an ordinary card-carrying member of the party until the GPA ends in fresh elections.
Welshman Ncube should have remained as a leader of the party. Many functioning democracies around the world do it to maintain stability in government and promote orderly transitional change. Why is Ncube so desperate to become a deputy prime minister? Mutambara was engaged in very positive programmes of promoting private-public partnerships and this is something that needed to have him see it through to the end.
Ncube will come in with his new agenda and would  end or neglect what his predecessor had initiated. The MDC formations need to come to understand that people are no longer just looking for leadership for the sake of getting rid of Robert Mugabe, but are looking at leadership with consistency and pragmatism. This is no time to be greedy and selfish, especially when you are at the bottom of the food chain as a party.
I strongly believe the MDC-M would have been all the more stronger and formidable if they had allowed Mutambara to continue as deputy prime minister and restructure the party in preparation for elections.
Now there is disillusionment with some even playing the tribalism card, which is a reckless, foolish and immature thing to do. Is that why Ncube is bulldozing his way to Munhumutapa like a spoilt child with a new toy on the play ground? Zimbabweans deserve better. And all the while, Mugabe and Zanu PF stand by the sidelines and laugh at this circus in amusement. So help us God, if ambitions of parties like MDC-M, with their level of pettiness and power mongering should ever see the light of day. The sagas of Rwanda, Darfur and DRC will be a packet of nik-naks in comparison! It’s truly a shame!

Simbarashe Lumbe,

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