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Econet should give better service

ECONET must be spending much money advertising its “value for money” services it is currently offering Zimbabweans from all backgrounds.

From its per-second billing to its internet services, the network would have us believe that it’s ahead of the pack when it comes to the provision of quality services.
However, most Econet subscribers would agree that contrary to the trumpet-blowing, the reality is that the network, which prides itself as the largest in terms of subscribers, has lately been providing a poor service. Over the past week the shoddy service reached an alarming climax during the weekend. It was difficult to get through to subscribers on the same network, never mind other networks.
And when you got through the lines became entangled, so that your call was answered by someone not using the dialled number. This happened to me a couple of times; imagine the embarrassment when someone tells you they’ve never heard of the person you want to speak to.
As a nasty variation, the call would get through but you could not hear a single word of what the other party was saying. Or the call would just drop just after the “hello” response. To add insult, the much-vaunted per-second billing would of course take effect, meaning you are charged for merely dialling a number as you would have not talked. Surely this is theft in any language.
What incenses me is that there is not a word of apology from Econet. Meanwhile the prime-time adverts of the network’s purported superiority continue.
My caveat to Econet? Bigger is not necessarily better!


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