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OBVIOUSLY the people that are contemptuous of the pen have not heard or choose to ignore the saying that goes “the pen is mightier than the sword, ultimately”.


I AM disgusted by Gaddafi for saying that Europeans should bring back African resources. Are these not the same Europeans who brought the technology, industrialisation and  much of development Africans are enjoying today?  If it is so, Gaddafi should be the first African to also give back to Europe all the technology and brains behind industrialisation, eg mining, farming, education, motoring, weapons etc which mostly started in the West. Today is not the time to point fingers at each other. We are one people whether Europeans, Africans, Asians or Americans.
Sir Lovemore.

ARREST of journalists is not only meant to silence them but also to indirectly intimidate the voters. Unfortunately people are much wiser now.
Tsveruka, Murambinda.

TSVANGIRAI must wake up; he was given an opportunity to talk in South Africa and all he could say was, “Mugabe is not a devil… he liberated us.” My God!
UZ student.

CHINHOYI University of Technology must stop being unethical; what is the reason for expelling students? Thirty students have been expelled due to minor offences. You are putting fear into students. Remember that tertiary education is adult learning, for crying out loud!
Stop It.

CAN someone explain to us who authorised the breaking of windscreens of commuter omnibuses and pirate vehicles which is being done by police officers. If it is the Commissioner General, I think he should be warned he will soon be brought before the courts not just by injured passengers, but also the owners of the vehicles.

IF you can afford to buy thousands of dollars worth of shares of an established company under indigenisation laws, surely you can start your own enterprise. It’s the business idea that counts.

CAN someone explain: Why is it that any political party led by someone from Matabeleland is labelled a tribal entity? This is one of the few areas where the government and privately controlled press seem to agree on. Am I missing the link?
Tell Me.

THIS tabloid called H-Metro was unleashed on the unsuspecting people of Zimbabwe who have neither knowledge of, nor confidence in, laws that should protect them. What are the real intentions behind it? It’s just immoral.
Samir Mtamba.

THE call for elections is immature; the current political environment is not conducive for polls. It’s an agenda by Mugabe to stay in power at all costs.

THE PSL should ask for proof of funds when clubs join the premiership because what is happening at Bantu Rovers is serious abuse of youngsters and professionals for someone’s amusement. How can the club pay players US$50 per month, including the technical team?

JABULANI Sibanda states that owning more than one farm is criminal. So where does that leave the first family?

ALL talk by Zanu PF of not giving up power is nothing but a form of intimidation. It is also a clear case of abuse from people suffering from a superiority complex.

WHATEVER  Zanu PF decides is what is going to prevail at the end of the day. Whatever result comes out of the elections Zanu PF will still rule. So what’s the way forward? Let’s accept we do not have an opposition party first, and then we can be realistic about our expectations.

THESE Zanu PF people are crazy. Until the politics is sorted out and Zimbabwe has a legitimate government there can be no real economic development. They are fools.

WHOEVER gives audience to Welshman Ncube on any matters must read Dell`s comments about the guy. He is not what you see, who you think he is or what he says!

COPAC stop taking us for fools! Last time you indicated that you had already deposited the constitutional material at a bank for safe-keeping, what has changed and why story after story now?
Murefu Murefu.

POSA is good in its current state. We have rogue war vets who think they are a law unto themselves. When the junta falls next year we need Posa to keep the rogue elements in check. Wake up and smell the coffee! We have squatters who have occupied land unlawfully who also need to be evicted. That’s where the colonial law comes handy.


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