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A ROADMAP has to be established first that will involve GPA principals, Sadc and relevant people to ensure that any elections that will be held will be free and fair. President Jacob Zuma is of the view that if elections should be held there should be no violence, no intimidation and there should be a free media environment. Under such circumstances Zanu PF will be beaten hands down.


MORGAN Tsvangirai is wrong, elections will not help as long as Zanu PF landmines are  still intact.  I think Arthur Mutambara is right.  We might see a repeat of the 2008 harmonised elections.

THE other parties to the inclusive government show statesmanship and are taken for fools by Robert Mugabe who thinks he owns us and this country. For how long should the other guys turn the other cheek before they say enough is enough? Why should everyone else behave like gentlemen and the other party behave anyhow? Yet Mugabe is by far the oldest among them and should be mediating disputes and crises in other parts of the world.

IF Jabulani Sibanda is sincere in  peacefully mobilising support for Zanu PF, then he should actively campaign for his party in his home region of Matabeleland where Zanu PF has lost over 90%of its support to the two MDC formations.

TO those in Zanu PF who fought colonial rule, I have news for you; you did not fight for us but you fought so that one man can rule this country. You have also been silenced because you fear for your wealth.
Hip pop artist.

ZAPU is not a Zanu PF project which is meant to take away votes from MDC-T in Matabeleland.

THE disturbance in the senate by MDC senators gave me immense pleasure. I have always believed that the MDC-T will rid us of the evil curse of this ruling cabal.
Dryvar Irie.

THOSE who imposed the sanctions must admit their effect on the country, and recognise they are not targeted as they say. Let’s not use the fact that we detest Zanu PF to justify ills like sanctions. Zanu PF has taken us down but on empowerment, many Zimbabweans today realise they have a point. Why should we get  aid instead of support? How many foreign-owned profit-making companies are operating in Zimbabwe yet they are paying slave salaries?
MUNYARADZI Chidzonga should stay away from politicians. Sooner rather than later he will regret ever going to bed with the former ruling party. Some artistes now have their careers in tatters due to their association with Zanu PF.
Kumhunga Mutombe, Chivi.

ZIMBABWE boasts of a relatively high literacy rate globally, amazingly number one in Africa but its output leaves a lot to be desired. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Let’s redeem the time for the days are surely evil.
Justin Tapera.

CORRUPTION in the application and granting of mining rights in Chiadzwa has gone to unprecedented levels. We as the citizens of this country demand prosecution of those implicated regardless of rank and political affiliation. No matter how hard we try to fight poverty, we are losing the battle. Accountability and transparency  is the only way to a prosperous Zimbabwe. The rule of law must prevail.

HOW  is it that Mbada Diamonds  operates in Chiadzwa  but then donates textbooks  to Kutama High in Zvimba? Are there not any needy schools in Chiadzwa or is it kickback time?

IT’S always a sign of a weak corporate governance culture in an organisation when board members delve into the day-to-day management of an organisation. In most cases, the end result is obvious but for Zesa the obvious is already with us through the dark nights we endure.

ECONET’S monopoly is getting to their heads. In the wake of their shambolic broadband  launch that has been far from smooth, no statement has been forthcoming from them. They are not even moved by our plight and they regard us so lowly that they do not think we are worth communicating to. What do they have to say about those on the Libertie platform failing to connect?

FOR how long shall we live in this Zifa mess? Can something not be done to dismiss the entire board and start afresh? Rather, let’s start a new association with new personnel and new everything. I would not mind even the players going with the exception of just a few. It is just ridiculous. I enjoy social soccer more than premiership soccer. If nothing is done sooner than later, we will go into deep recession that we will never come out of.

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