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Presidium petitioned over Bulawayo factionalism

ZANU PF politburo members in Bulawayo have petitioned the presidium to intervene to end the deepening divisions which are threatening to split the party in the province.

The province has become a political hotbed with suspensions and counter-suspensions of members as infighting continues dogging the party whose structures in other parts of the country are equally shambolic.
The long running feud has seen politburo members Angeline Masuku, Absolom Sikhosana, Joshua Malinga, Edson Ncube as well as central committee members David Ndlovu, Abednico Nyathi and Nelly Dupute, writing to Vice-President John Nkomo and Zanu PF chairman Simon Khaya Moyo to mediate.
In a letter in the possession of the Zimbabwe Independent, the senior Zanu PF members accused politburo members Sikhanyiso Ndlovu and Eunice Sandi-Moyo of causing divisions in the province by supporting provincial chairperson Isaac
Dakamela who is accused of misappropriating party resources.
Ndlovu suspended Dakamela in June over allegations of stealing meat and groceries meant for last year’s congress, but later reversed the move after the chairperson apologised to him.
Ndlovu’s decision to lift the Dakamela suspension without consulting other senior members angered them.
“Members of the central committee rejected his (Ndlovu) unilateral decision and told him he had no authority to reverse Dakamela’s suspension,” reads the letter to Nkomo and Moyo. “In fact, Ndlovu was under pressure from those involved in misappropriating party resources for personal gain.”
The senior Zanu PF officials told Nkomo and Moyo that Dakamela had also violated the constitution by suspending provincial executive members and packing the provincial coordinating committee meetings with his allies.
“Members of his (Dakamela’s) provincial executive abuse party vehicles which are at times used to carry out personal business in rural areas, like carrying cattle bought from peasants,” reads the letter.
The disgruntled party officials said they would continue boycotting provincial coordinating committee meetings chaired by Dakamela.
Dakamela has said those who are not attending meetings may be expelled before the party’s December conference in Mutare. 
There has also been a fight in the province over the election of central committee members and Masuku, Sikhosana, Malinga and Ncube, among others, accused Ndlovu and Sandi-Moyo of imposing their allies.
In their letter, the politburo members said the recent election of Emmanuel Kanjoma, Themba Ncube, Dennis Ncube, Anah Moyo, Yona Mpofu and Jevan Maseko was not in line with the December 2009 congress which instructed Bulawayo leaders to co-opt veteran politicians into the central committee.
The original list of central committee members, according to the Bulawayo politburo members, consisted of Raphael Baleni, Elphas Tshuma, Violet Ncube, Denis Ndlovu, Misheck Velaphi, Nelly Dupute and Abednico Nyathi.
Dakamela declined to discuss the issue saying he was not aware of the allegations by politburo and central committee members.
“I can’t comment on that because the case might be handled by senior people like Nkomo,” he said.
Sikhanyiso Ndlovu could not be reached for comment as his mobile was not reachable.
Meanwhile, in a renewed drive to push Dakamela out of the chairmanship, district structures staged protests against him.
Last Friday at the party’s Davies Hall offices, Dakamela barred 123 district chairpersons from attending a crucial meeting to address fissures affecting the province.
Police were called in by Dakamela to flush out the chairpersons from the meeting resulting in the latter picketing outside the party offices and demanding the immediate removal of Dakamela.

Brian Chitemba/Nqobile Bhebhe

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