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Econet internet not empowering

ALLOW me space to express my opinion on the latest developments concerning Econet.

Though most of us appreciate the effort the telecommunications provider made in trying to bring us world class internet service, their efforts are nullified when one considers the cost of accessing the internet. I was one of those who got connected to their internet service last year and also had the opportunity of using South African cellphone networks. There is no doubt Econet’s prices are unreasonable.
Vodacom requires one to have a minimum of one rand to surf the net ad infinitum. One would only disconnect themselves for fear of using up their battery. Here a dollar lasts less than 10 minutes on a mobile phone, and less than three on a computer! Why? Is it lack of competition or the knowledge that Zimbabweans are too excited about the internet and so have no qualms about the cost.
Where is the Competitions and Tariffs Commission, the ICT ministry or Potraz in all this? Maybe there is a pact to deny us access to information.
How is the generality of the population going to access the web at such prices? How does one make video calls like Skype which requires more gigabytes to initiate?
Will students be able to gather material from the net at the current prices when most of them are being sent back home over unpaid fees?
I think it was rather better to leave the unlimited package of US$25 per month and develop from there.
Right now I cannot even go to the Econet web page to get the full information on these new products they are offering because all my air time will have been wiped out by then.

Ripped off,
Glen View.

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