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ROBERT Mugabe can never win a free and fair election in Zimbabwe. If he “wins” in the next election, it’s because of violence or rigging and just like before no one will recognise him. He will be back to square one with no legitimacy! He should protect his legacy by retiring and letting the country move forward.


ROBERT Mugabe blasts the West every chance he gets. It’s amazing how he eloquently speaks the English language, dons Italian designer suits, applies French hair dye, wears a Swiss watch, globetrots in an American Boeing and drives everywhere in  a German limousine. What a hypocrite!
Mudzviri, Chinhoyi.

ZANU PF’s opinion on elections remains an opinion. We are all entitled to our own. If they have that much confidence that they will win then they should allow a free and fair election to be held.

MORGAN Tsvangirai is clueless when it comes to handling Robert Mugabe. He has totally run out of ideas and I believe it’s about time he passes on the torch.

POLITICAL rhetoric survives only in theory and does not exist in reality. George Charamba might shout from even the top of the RBZ building, but all of us have ears and we also have eyes. We saw and heard what happened under Zanu PF rule and I would like to believe that there is no straight thinking Zimbabwean who wants to return to the days of absolute Zanu PF rule. Zanu PF must be reminded that its project of returning people to the Stone Age will fail dismally.

IT’S a shame for George Charamba to say what he said with regards to envoys. To declare that Zimbabwe benefits nothing from Western countries is a great insult to the impoverished masses who benefit from relief aid from USAid and other Western organisations. He should also be reminded that he is under sanctions which can only be lifted on conditions of good governance rule of law and following provisions of our constitution. No matter how hard he and Zanu PF try to live in darkness truth will eventually reach them.

PEOPLE of Zimbabwe, anything good is hated by everything evil. You can discern evil by its reaction to truth and those who teach it. Zanu PF is willing to become an instrument of pain to others, like Jabulani Sibanda and the green bombers. They cannot intimidate us.
FOR as long as Sadc and the UN ignore murder, rape, and other forms of abuse suffered by the populace during elections, the MDC-T will not be able to wrestle power from Zanu PF given its reliance on partisan security structures.
H D Reds.

JACOB Zuma has been “seized” with the Zimbabwean crisis for so long that he has now totally seized up. It is totally ridiculous.

SOUTH Africans especially Julius Malema love to talk about land reform but they are a lazy lot.  Blacks in that country are leasing fields to white commercial farmers. Please learn from Zimbabwe that we are not all farmers.

MDC-M must just get rid of Arthur Mutambara. He sickens me. Mutambara came through the back door and forced himself on us.

We want peace come election time.

I DON’T understand this ongoing persecution against Roy Bennett. He is a man of principle and integrity whose only goal is to work for his nation.
T Fernández.

IT has been reported that elections and referendum will cost approximately US$200 million. Government cannot afford it. The electorate has been taken for a ride so many times that one more time will not make a difference. A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

THUMBS up to the Mutare city council for the afforestation effort that they have carried out. The people appreciate the effort that you have put forth. May other cities emulate this good work.
Carbon free earth.

ZIMBABWE is lagging behind Sadc in mobile technology. TNM in Malawi offer MMS, ringtones and 3G yet our local service providers are so behind. Call-backs should not be confined to one network.
Chief, Kuwadzana.

OUT of curiosity I watched the last Big Brother All Stars show up to the end, trying to find out why it is so popular among the youth? Honestly speaking I found nothing of value. What I saw was a group of young men and women drawn from all over the continent. Some were loitering in the lounge half dressed, some doing house chores and others were sipping beer in the jacuzzi. I admit I need to be enlightened on how this has raised the flag of the nation.
David, Waterfalls.


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