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IT’S a pity that up to now Morgan Tsvangirai does not seem to understand Zanu PF. When dealing with Zanu PF one has to understand all the loopholes in the law. You cannot deal with Zanu PF in a principled manner. They eat, sleep and talk politics, so Tsvangirai needs to understand this.

Tsvangirai should not agree to anything with Zanu PF without consulting widely. The MDC seem not to understand the game of politics.
Godfrey Gundani.

CLAIMS by reporters that Morgan Tsvangirai failed to get the required votes to win outrightly in the 2008 elections show that journalists are prepared to report what Zanu PF wants. They need to explain the circumstances leading to the release of the results such as the time it took for them to be released. The problem is foreigners, lacking this information, will actually believe Robert Mugabe has some legitimacy which we all know he doesn’t.

I THOUGHT the GPA was above the constitution and that is why it was put in place. I think the MDC were duped somehow in the wording of the GPA.

ROBERT Mugabe has ruined the country and still thinks he has something to offer in a new Zimbabwe. He will be humiliated in the next elections as the people are sick and tired of him and want change.

THE issue of banning the importation of left-hand drive vehicles and second-hand cars which are more than five years old should not be treated as a priority by the government. The priorities should centre on the provision of essential services for people and increasing civil servants’ salaries. I strongly believe the government has no ability to provide cheap vehicles for the ordinary Zimbabweans.

THANK you very much comrade Welshman Mabhena for being a hero even to the  grave. The Heroes Acre is now very much compromised and thus unworthy for true heroes.
Sizanqoba kuphela.

THE Heroes Acre is now just like any other cemetery.  It is just like No 6, Luveve or Mbudzi cemeteries. Welshman Mabhena did well by refusing to have anything to do with “crooks and thieves”.
Sobuza Gula.

ZIMBABWE needs a party that can bring about democracy, remove tribalism, engender patriotism and help in the building of the nation. Zanu PF and the MDC do not have these.
WE need to do away with the nonsensical concept of communist style heroism once and for all. Instead of fighting about who is or who is not a hero, we should fight to have the damn thing abolished. It will save tax-payers’ money.

ROBERT Mugabe has declared the Heroes Acre as a Zanu PF shrine.  So be it. The MDC should shun away from that place and bury its own with honour and respect at their homes. It’s more graceful than being used as a popularity gimmick even in death. The MDC or any other party should rightly devolve responsibility of this cemetery to its owners.

I AM now very much convinced that there was a lot more to Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown in the last decade that cannot be attributed solely to the so-called punitive sanctions that Zanu PF conveniently tells us about day and night. Why is it that other countries that have been under sanctions did not suffer like we did?
DLT, Waterfalls.

FOR a nation to develop there is need for what are known as basics in economics: reliable energy supply, but in our case is totally unreliable. We also need reliable water supply but this is beyond Zinwa’s capability. A stable political environment which we do not have. An observance of the rule of law is also needed, which is woefully inadequate. A banking system that is able to channel resources to productive areas of the economy, and ours is struggling. Investors know where they can get stable returns, our environment just has to be right. There are no two ways about it.

GIDEON Gono is trying to appease workers with a hefty salary so as to bring a rift between workers and Charles Kuwaza’s board. But if there is no money, how does that solve the Reserve Bank’s liquidity crisis? Did I not read about RBZ property being set for the hammer recently? Jobs can be shared so everyone takes some bread to their families rather than being callous and short-sighted. If the Reserve Bank has no means to finance retrenchment then alternatives to retrenchment must be considered.
Chenjerai Msakudo.

WE hope that the Air Zimbabwe audit results will be made public or incorporated into the report of the Auditor-General so that the public may see to what depths Air Zimbabwe has sunk. In the meantime we also await audited results for the likes of Zesa, Zinwa, Ziscosteel amongst others. The Auditor-General should keep us informed.

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