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Why ban second- hand vehicles?

I FAIL to understand why the Transport ministry cannot put its house in order. Surely those who remember former Transport minister Denis Norman are crying for his return.

The decision to ban all imported cars older than five years was ill-conceived. What is the job of the VID? In other countries they make sure that a car, before registration, is cleared by the VID. This is what the ministry should have done. Do you want people to use donkeys for travel? The excuse of road accidents is poor. Even the latest vehicles are involved in them. The ministry should come up with reasonable ideas on how to curb the road carnage.

The ministry has been talking about road dualisation since 1980 and up to now very little has happened. We only hear about tender after tender. I suppose the ministry will then remove all cars on the road so that there are no accidents. My suggestions are: scrutinise those with driver’s licence to ensure they are not fake; let that task of checking vehicle roadworthiness be for the VID; dualise the roads; and enforce road traffic regulations consistently.


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