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It’s a weird world

A NEW Yorker has been arrested for drink driving aboard a lawn mower.

Barry Foster was caught by police on his way to a shop to buy more alcohol, reports the Times Herald Record.
Foster allegedly passed out behind the controls of his Zero Turn machine on the return journey to his home in Swan Lake, New York.
The man was taken to hospital and his driving licence suspended.—Orange news.

MEET the female brown bear who performs a 15-minute yoga routine every morning.
“Santra”, from Ahtari Zoo in Finland, stretches both legs before balancing on her bottom and pulling them up around her ears.
The hilarious display was captured by amateur photographer Meta Penca, reports Rex Features.
Penca said: “It was exactly the same as when you see people do yoga — easy, slow, focused and calm.
“She looked pretty into it, a really straight face, no looking around just very serious and calm and kept her eyes slightly opened and focused.
“We were all trying be as quiet as possible. Most looked amazed and were just smiling and not saying anything. She looked like she didn’t notice us at all.”— Orange news.

A UNIVERSITY professor was charged an extra £155 for a train journey — because he got off one stop early.
Prof Martyn Evans was heading back to Durham from Birmingham on a one-way first class ticket, reports The Sun.
But he decided to get off at Darlington to go home rather than return to Durham, where he works in the university’s philosophy department.
When he tried to leave the station the ticket machine would not let him out.
He alerted station staff who said his ticket was invalid because he had left the train too early.
They told the academic he could only leave the station if he paid for a ticket from Birmingham to Darlington  at a cost of £155.
He was only allowed to leave after signing a form agreeing to pay it later.
But he refused to pay and said: “It’s absolute madness — no one would anticipate you’d be at fault for getting off too early.”
Train firm East Coast cancelled the £155 charge after Prof Evans complained but still defended its position.
A spokesman said: “The terms and conditions of the Advanced Purchase First Class ticket clearly state that breaking a journey en route, or starting from an intermediate station, is not permitted.”— Orange news.

A CHINESE  man says he has become addicted to eating live scorpions and reckons he’s swallowed at least 10 000 over the last 30 years.
Li Liuqun, 58, says he got hooked when he was walking in mountains close to his home in Hunan province, central China, and was stung by a huge scorpion.
“I was so angry I picked it up and bit its head off. It tasted sweet and nutty and I never looked back. To me, they’re delicious — like fried beans,” he explained.
Now Li will eat 20 or 30 of the live beasts in a single sitting and seems to be immune to their venom, which can paralyse and kill humans in large enough doses.
“I still get stung but they have no effect on me,” he said.
Medics say Li has probably become addicted to the venom, which is used in small doses in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve the pain of rheumatism.— Orange news.

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