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Mugabe intolerant of dissent

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and his government orchestrated the Gukurahundi massacres because they viewed Ndebeles in general and Zapu supporters in particular as a threat to their selfish political ends –– which included the creation of a one party-state, declaring himself as life president, among other things.

It has really nothing to do with Shona-Ndebele historical issues such as the Mzilikazi-Lobengula raids. Only Mugabe’s spin doctors waste their time trying to link the two.
We now know very well how information was manipulated by the Mugabe regime to mislead us into believing that there was an imminent civil war if dissidents were not dealt with once and for all; and the dissidents, according to the propaganda, were operating in Matabeleland.
The bottom line is they posed the only threat to his total domination at that time and had to be dealt with ruthlessly.
When others, including the Shonas, also became a threat to the throne by supporting Morgan Tsvangirai, Mugabe did not hesitate to unleash his violence on them. So does that have anything to do with Mzilikazi-Lobengula raids as some lunatics would want us to believe?

Knox Mzari,

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