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Attempted murder suspect Grace Mugabe’s aide

A POLICEMAN who allegedly pumped nine bullets into his wife, also a police officer, following a domestic dispute over infidelity is one of First Lady Grace Mugabe’s aides, the Zimbabwe Independent has learnt.

Takura Author Chiduwuro of the Police Protection Unit (PPU) allegedly shot his wife Ntombizodwa Mtambo Chiduwuro, whom he accused of having an affair with a Namibian national, on July 3.

Ntombizodwa, a detective inspector, is battling for her life at Parirenyatwa Hospital where she is in the intensive care unit.

Authoritative police sources told the Zimbabwe Independent that Chiduwuro has been working as an aide for the president’s wife until he faced the attempted murder charges.

A court document record number 4283/10 states that Chiduwuro, an inspector, is stationed at PPU, Escorts, Morris Depot Harare.

He is facing attempted murder charges as defined in Section 189 read with Section 47 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act 9:23.

Police spokesperson Oliver Mandipaka refused to confirm that Chiduwuro formed part of Grace Mugabe’s entourage.

“The official comment is that the policeman is in the Police Protection Unit. That is enough,” he said.
Prosecutors say Chiduwuro and Ntombizodwa had a long-standing domestic dispute over allegations that Ntombizodwa was having an extra-marital affair with a Namibian, Augustine Matupi. He is based at Interpol in Harare.

“The two had discussed the issue and resolved to divorce and share their property. On July 3 2010 at 18.30, complainant Ntombizodwa Mtambo Chiduwuro was resting in her bedroom when Takura, armed, entered and they had a heated argument,” read the court papers.

“The accused (Takura) assaulted the complainant (Ntombizodwa), pulled out his service pistol, serial number BSAP 1020, and pointed it at the complainant. The complainant screamed for help and her 11-year-old son rushed into the bedroom where he found his father pointing a pistol at his mother.”
It is alleged that Ntombizodwa rushed out of the bedroom leaving their two children pleading with Chiduwuro to stop the assault.

“The accused stormed into the lounge and complainant rushed out of the house shouting for help going downstairs with the accused in hot pursuit. He introduced (sic) his pistol and started firing at the complainant. Complainant was shot several times on the wrist, elbow, shoulder, both sides of the pelvic and neck.”

Prosecutors opposed bail and the case was remanded to July 21.


Wongai Zhangazha

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