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Ill-advised policies

AS you may well be aware, our government has imposed a ban on all imports of animal-based products from South Africa, including all dairy, meat, poultry, fish etc, citing Rift Valley Fever. Whilst we accept that local industry must be supported, to ban imports on a blanket scale, without consideration for local supply, quality and price, is lunacy at best.
Poultry producers claim adequate supply of chicken on the local market; why then can you not find a single chicken on our shelves today.  When it was available last week  it was more than double  the price of when the ban was imposed. Now they are blocking imports from Zambia? It’s all a scam to protect the fat chefs who sit on farms and are unable to produce efficiently and competitively to feed our hungry nation. And Finance minister Tendai Biti claims retailers are pushing up inflation! It’s his government.
Allow imports. Support local growers with funding at cost effective rates (not what the local banks are charging; it’s criminal) so that they can produce on scale and compete with imports. Why must our suffering consumers always bear the brunt of ill-advised government policies? And the smugglers are having a field day — visit any retail outlet and you will find some “banned” product on shelves.  Where are they coming from? Let’s level the playing field.
Maybe our South African trading partners should ban all imports from Zimbabwe!

Patrick Chimusoro.

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