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Zambezi Water Project shouldn’t be politicised

WE are sick and tired of hearing excuses over the delay of the Matabeleland Zambezi Water Project. I think the only solution is to remove politicians from this long awaited project.

The reason for this is that the long awaited project has been  politicised. This project should be completely divorced from politics. For progress’ sake, no politician should be involved. We should get rid of all politicians and even try to remove the stigma in our people to view this project as a project aimed at developing the whole country and not Matabeleland only.

This notion has motivated some  people to sabotage the project as they have conceived the idea that it is for the Ndebeles only. That is why some people are ambivalent in supporting it. In essence this project is for everyone in Zimbabwe, but due to the fact that the men at the helm are politically affiliated to the former Zapu party, it has has planted negative notions in the minds of some people. This project should therefore be run by people who are independent.

Once we neutralise it in this way, I am sure there will be progress. People from all over the country will inject money into the project. This does not mean that I do not appreciate the concerted efforts of these hard working politicians who have relentlessly tried to make it a success. I am sure that everyone will agree with me that this project is long overdue.

Let us empower the public by giving them the mandate to run this project with no politicians involved. Let there be no dejection by any politician who is asked to relinquish  positions that  they hold in the running of this  project. If we all agree on this, we will notice some progress in this issue.

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