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Rick Ross to sue rapper Rick Ross over name

RAPPER Rick Ross –– real name William Leonard Roberts II –– could face off against the real Rick Ross in court, over the usage of the name “Rick Ross”.

The real Rick Ross controlled thousands of workers at the height of his power in the mid-1980s, who dealt millions of dollars worth of cocaine each day.
In 1995, Ross was sentenced to life in prison for attempting to purchase over 100 kilograms of cocaine.
Ross was released from prison in 2006 and attempted to reclaim his name.
Ross claims that Miami rapper Rick Ross signed a multimillion dollar deal in 2006, based on his image and likeness as a drug dealer.
Since his release from a life sentence in 2009, the ex-drug kingpin from Los Angeles, has been preparing to go to war against all parties who profited off his name unlawfully while he was in jail, without his consent, particularly the rapper, Universal and others. –– Allhiphop.

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