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Bankers Association must do more

PENSIONERS saving with Beverley Building Society were exempted from paying service charges.

However, on incorporation with CBZ, this has all changed! Pensioners are charged a service fee –– in my case amounting to 10% of my pension –– along with a withdrawal fee together with a stipulated minimum bank balance!
On taking up the issue with CBZ I was told that pensioners’ accounts would be free of service charges, but that there were problems with the computer system, up-grading or whatever. I am still waiting for the return of the money unfairly extracted from me, used instead by the bank for its own purposes. My last two attempts at visiting the Selous Avenue branch to get an update and answers has gone unanswered!
I think it is about time that the Bankers Association does more in the interests of the financial sector’s clients by monitoring all such institutions, checking on service provision, and spend less time looking after the sector’s  own concerns with making huge profits!

M Leppard,

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