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Kunonga just keeps spreading the message

AS a social commentator and storyteller, Victor Kunonga is resolutely indefatigable.

His latest album Handinete — which means I will persevere — reflects this determination to articulate the concerns of the voiceless and draw attention to pertinent social issues.  
Kunonga sees himself as an artiste who uses different outlets to express himself. Apart from being a musician, he is also into graphic designing, drawing and painting.
“Art embodies who I am as a person and music is but one extension of my artistry,” Kunonga told IndependentExtra recently.  
Originating from the Hwedza communal lands, Kunonga was raised in Bulawayo’s Mpopoma township and later on moved to the suburbs.
“Such a background,” said Kunonga, “has given me a broad understanding of the various facets of our society.”
These influences are evident in his 10-track offering which is teeming with traditional drumming rhythms and percussion music. The overarching theme is that of imploring society to embrace positivity and shun the social ills that continue to bedevil us.
This is particularly so in Pfungwa which delves into the negativity that seems to engulf society, and Wega Wega which speaks about the power of the individual as an agent of change in society.
Marunjeya, Maramba Kukura and Kusadzidza – Hurombo dwell on the delinquencies and vices that range from child abuse and neglect to the perils of being uneducated.
Ballads Ndiye and Mufaro Rudo ensure that the mother of all passions — love — is not missing from the album. They deal with love between couples and within the home.
IndependentExtra asked the former Mr Bulawayo body building title winner if there was no contradiction between being a macho bodybuilder and a cool and composed singer.
He replied that bodybuilding instilled a sense of discipline in him in his career and private life.
On his future, Kunonga said: “My aim is to drive the message of social awareness and ultimately to conquer the world through music”.



Ngoni Muzofa

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