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Zanu PF’s hidden agenda exposed

THE acquittal of Roy Bennett on Monday has no doubt been the news of the week.

 While it is important that justice has been done, it is also important to note that Zanu PF has hidden agendas, and thanks to Jonathan Moyo they have been exposed.
Bennett could not be sworn in as Deputy Agriculture minister since last year because Robert Mugabe claimed Bennett faced serious charges, and would wait until he was cleared of those charges. Now that Bennett has been acquitted, we are told by Moyo: “The quandary has never been a legal one but rather a political one. For the record, Roy Bennett must not be part of any government in free Zimbabwe…” So has this been Zanu PF’s position all along? Why then did Mugabe mislead the world that Bennett will only be sworn in after he is cleared of the charges?
 Now that their agenda has failed, it is not surprising that they are now showing their true colours. If they want to appeal against the decision, let them do so, but no sane judge would want to compromise their professional credentials by creating a case against Bennett.
The MDC should expose Mugabe’s shenanigans to Sadc leaders and the African Union. We are about to cross the bridge into the new Zimbabwe. Real change is at the door step, whether Mugabe likes it or not.

Benjamin Chitate,
New Zealand.


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