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Indigenisation drive an election gimmick

GIDEON Gono is right on the indigenisation issue. He was part of those who oversaw the chaotic land reform and has seen the disaster it has caused.

He is trying to redeem himself now that it is clear that the game is up for him. This whole economic empowerment thing, just as the land reform, is just another election gimmick. It’s amazing that Zanu PF can insult Zimbabweans’ intelligence to the extent of using the same method of violence and so-called empowerment tactics to try to woo the electorate. Where will the ordinary people get money to buy shares when the majority of the population are struggling to survive? Who does not know that the majority of workers in this country are earning far below the poverty datum line. In any case why can’t these proponents of indigenisation start their own companies if they are really serious about black empowerment?
Those who want to empower themselves should simply go to the Zimbabwe Stock Market and buy shares. Companies and investors alike are desperate for capital to revitalise their operations. I urge Saviour Kasukuwere and company to buy shares as it is the only civilised route of empowering themselves.


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