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I  HAVE to admit that most of us were sceptical of whether Jacob Zuma would make any significant inroads in the GNU talks.

The majority of Zimbabweans eagerly await the resolution of the outstanding issues of the global political agreement.
What most of us find difficult to swallow however is the secrecy surrounding the whole issue of the so-called talks.
I am sure the hallmark of democratic ethos is transparency in the affairs of governance. Is it that as a people we have become so docile to an extent of failing to ask the government to include us in affairs that affect us? Or we have become so acclimatised to political patronage to such an extent that we have abdicated our duty and responsibility as citizens. Or have we fallen so much in love with politicians that we trust them without questioning?
Where is civic society in all this? I mean a civic society that is not rooted in self-enrichment and driven by ulterior motives.
But that civic society which is driven by passion and love for the nation.
These questions come to mind because politicians in Zimbabwe seem to take the people for granted. It’s high time Zimbabweans take their leadership to task without necessarily making use of party structures.
Our leaders are busy benefiting from our misery whilst we as the proverbial grass cry day and night in anguish when we are crushed.

Kaitano Kline,

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