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African press hails Taylor verdict

WITH all the confusion surrounding the inclusive government –– that appears to be going around in circles –– I thought it might be appropriate to revisit some issues which appear to have been allowed to die.

First, calling each other Zimbabweans is a little too Anglo-Saxon, hence words like mazimba, zimbo and the like have invaded local parlance and with good reason too. I humbly wish to add to this list ibwes (rocks) as a term we should use instead.
This is truly appropriate given the trials and tribulations this land has had before and since Independence. I salute every ibwe everywhere for such tenacity and believe that the real legacy that we are leaving our children is to keep our chin up under the worst of adversities. Only a rock can take such punishment without flinching!
Secondly we have heard government officials and people from other quarters talking about the introduction of a national dress and national dish. I wonder what happened to this important issue.
Given the distress, anguish and discomfort caused by the Zimbabwe dollar we must bury it and come up with a new currency.
We could call it the Moyana  –– in honour of the first Reserve Bank governor Dr Kombo Moyana –– and call the cents Gonos in honour of the last one Gideon Gono.
Perhaps the above is simplistic, ephemeral and nonsensical but contrasted with our politics it should occupy pride of place.

Chris Veremu,

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