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GNU can only go so far –– PM

THE demonstration by Zanu PF youths and the petition that they handed over to the Prime Minister’s office demanding that he should get sanctions removed “or else” is a deliberate ploy by Zanu PF to divert the people’s attention from the real issues bedevilling the inclusive government.

Zanu PF continues to antagonise the populace by manipulating youths to be the conduit of abusive political rhetoric.
The use of abusive language and threats of rekindling the memories of the June 27 2008 “election” shows that they are not prepared to repent, and that Zanu PF youths including their leaders view murder, torture, rape, mutilation as normal while to them human rights and respect for the rule of law are non-existent and unnecessary.
The polarisation that is manifest in Zimbabwe is also a clear pointer to the failure of the Organ on National Healing to implement mechanisms to start up the process of transitional justice. 
We deplore the continued manipulation of youths to further the political interests of those in power. The continued use of youths as agents of violence should be abandoned forthwith by any persons who truly believe in empowering the younger generation.

Youth Alliance Democracy,
Communications Dept.

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