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Council, councillors an incompetent lot

HARAREANS made a grave mistake for which they are paying dearly! I’m referring to the last elections and the voting system which was largely influenced by emotion.

Most voted for a particular party rather than for people with the ability,  the appropriate experience, honesty and integrity. The continued deterioration in the council and its councillors’ inability to behave and act in a professional manner is there for all to see.
MDC councillors are largely responsible for the poor performance. MDC put forward far too many poor candidates, probably out of desperation, that would under normal circumstances never have been elected, taking advantage and banking on the electorate’s strong desire for change at any cost.
The result is a largely incapable, obviously ineffective group of councillors –– backing an equally incapable council –– more intent on self-enrichment than serving residents’ best interests.
As a resident of Ward Six I would like to complain in the strongest terms the inability of the councillor who does not even live in the ward. He has not contacted any of the residents’ associations and has  failed to liaise or even meet residents within his ward. He even fails to respond to communications and is certainly not looking at the very extensive deterioration that has taken place within the ward and is totally ineffective. I would give him a nil out of 10 for his performance!
In any future elections I hope voters will have matured enough to vote for those, whatever their party,  with integrity, honesty, proven clean records and who can ensure that the council is run efficiently and professionally. Admittedly that is a tall order.
Why do political parties not understand that to win elections they should not lie or mislead the electorate? They should just do a good job and they will win hands down!

M Leppard,

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