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Mutsekwa should stop singing Zanu PF tune

HOME Affairs co-minister Giles Mutsekwa should stop being used by Zanu PF to preach that party’s message.

Recent events that have been taking place show that Mutsekwa, a senior MDC official, is being taken for a ride and being used to implement internationally discredited Zanu PF policies.
It seems that the minister does not mind being used by Zanu PF to settle its scores with neighbouring Botswana when he addressed a press conference in Harare supporting the arbitrary arrest of three Batswana game rangers. He went on to attack the Botswana government’s stance over the issue, describing it as “worrying and uncalled for”.
He went on to say that the three would be charged with contravening Section 11(1) of the Immigration Act and the Firearms Act.
In my view the arrest of the three was a clear human rights violation which is usually the practice of  Zanu PF.
It was shocking therefore to discover that Mutsekwa was part of this charade along with  Zanu PF’s Kembo Mohadi in support of the arrests.
His message was not an MDC message, not an inclusive government message but clearly a Zanu PF message. Zanu PF’s message is that the party dislikes Botswana because the country and its president have repeatedly said that Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe lost in the 2008 elections and should not be in government as the people rejected them.
It is time that Mutsekwa makes sure that human rights issues are respected in the country and not act like a Zanu PF functionary simply because he is a Home Affairs co-minister with Mohadi.
We know that the MDC’s policy is against human rights abuses.

Edna Musarurwa,

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