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Roberto Mancini’s job in doubt

ZANU PF has nothing to offer the people of Zimbabwe.

As a result they have gone on a mission which I will call operation “blame MDC-T for our failed policies”.
It is not a secret that Zanu PF is responsible for the so-called sanctions as their leader would like to call them.
It is no secret that Zanu PF is responsible for the new wave of violence that has escalated across the country.
Instead of finding ways of dealing with the issues that face the nation, they are just blaming and pointing fingers without looking for solutions.
If they know that they have something to offer why not lay it on the table for all to see and judge instead of pointing fingers at the MDC-T for their own failed policies. Zanu PF should understand that running a country is not an easy game.
They should take the people of Zimbabwe seriously and stop all this foolishness of name-calling, finger-pointing and all the empty rhetoric.

Bemused patriot,

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