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It’s a Weird World

SOMETHING FISHY: Border officials in the US have seized over 300 kg of marijuana being smuggled in from Mexico –– hidden under a truckload of fish.

A US border inspector suspected there was something fishy about the truckload of white sea bass headed into San Diego from Tijuana, Mexico –– and it turned out to be a good hunch.
US Customs and Border Protection said last Friday that authorities seized 320 kg of marijuana stored under the fish.
An officer at the Otay Mesa border crossing ordered the truck driver aside last week Thursday night to put the cargo under X-rays.
Authorities said they found 29 wrapped packages of marijuana hidden beneath the fish and a layer of ice.
The driver was a 34-year-old man from Ensenada, Mexico, whose name was not released. He was booked into a downtown San Diego jail for investigation of drug smuggling. –– Metro.

INSPIRATIONAL: A seven-year-old boy from London who hoped to
raise £500 for Haiti by a sponsored bike ride ended up raising more than £80 000.
Charlie Simpson, from Fulham, cycled five miles around South Park near his home to raise funds for Unicef’s earthquake appeal.
His call for support touched the hearts of people around the world after he put a message on the JustGiving website.
His message caught people’s imagination and spread like wildfire on the internet and was quickly picked up by TV stations.
Along with donations, Charlie was flooded with messages of support. One donor said: “Well done Charlie –– you are an inspiration to
us all.”
Mum Leonora was stunned at how Charlie’s idea had taken off: “What started off as a little cycle round the park with his dad has turned into something a lot bigger than that and we can’t believe it. –– BBC.
WRONG SUITOR: An unemployed Russian construction worker alarmed Kremlin guards when he tried to barge past them for what he said was a meeting with the Russian president to become his son-in-law, a popular daily reported last week.
He was promptly informed that Dmitry Medvedev only has a single teenage son and was then taken to a psychiatric hospital last week Wednesday evening, Komsomolskaya Pravda said.
The native of Russia’s volatile Muslim Dagestan region (35), whose name was only given as Bakhtiyar, was seeking to improve his fortunes by marrying into Medvedev’s family after he lost his construction job during the financial crisis that hit Russia in recent years, the paper said. –– Reuters.

Oops!: An elderly Polish beekeeper had a shock after passing out after being stung –– and waking up inside a coffin.
Doctors believed that Jozef Guzy (76) from Katowice in southern Poland had suffered a heart attack after he was stung and he was declared dead.
His wife Ludmila said: “I could not believe it when they said he was dead and the doctor put a white sheet over him and three hours later local undertakers pulled up and put him in a coffin and closed the lid.”
The coffin was then driven to the undertakers and put in a storeroom, but the mistake was discovered when Guzy woke up and started to shout for help.
Undertaker Darius Charon said: “He was shouting and banging on the coffin –– he made enough noise to raise the dead so we couldn’t miss him.”
Guzy was taken to hospital and was released after a few days. Now the doctor who falsely diagnosed him as dead has apologised.
Guzy added: “The undertaker saved my life. The first thing I did when I got out of hospital was take him a pot of honey”. –– Orange.

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